PaRappa Frog

PaRappa the Rapper (1996)

Want to get your geek on with an epic PaRappa design? Not a hat person? Never fear!

We've created an awesome tee featuring the game's iconic frog logo! Simple, stylish and available in that instantly recognisable 'PaRappa' orange - now there are no excuses to representing the world's best/only rapping dog in style!

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Price: £22.00

 3 for 2 on all t-shirts

Colour: PaRappa Orange


'Officially our favourite brand of videogame-inspired tees.'

Edge Magazine

Basically, Insert Coin's clothing is HOT SEX. Insert Coin for life!!

Sarah Wellock - Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

'Smart, stylish designs that you aren't embarrassed to be seen wearing.'

Jon Hicks - OXM UK

'Style and passion combined to make the best gaming gear around.'

Chris Marcus - Ubisoft

'Insert Coin have captured the SEGA brands with very creative designs that appeal to our core videogames fans.'

Sissel Henno - SEGA

'It's about time someone started making "girly" sizes for kick ass video game shirts!'

Andrea Rene - Machinima

'Thanks to Insert Coin I can walk around wearing a t-shirt that says POWER IS LIFE. You know it's true.'

Tom Bramwell - Eurogamer

'Designs subtle enough to confuse the ignorant, and awesome enough to delight the enlightened.'

Daniel Maher - Explosive Alan Productions

'Insert Coin's creative flair has turned simple artwork into the must have apparel that appeals to our fans and gamers alike.'

Jason Hall - Ubisoft

'Essential quality shirtage for gamers, groovers and hipsters...'

Phill Jupitus - Comedian

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