By in General, Metal Gear Solid


You may have noticed a trend with our new designs, we’ve taken a trip down memory lane and revisited some of gaming’s greatest classics. So far we’ve had ‘Space Dynamics’ inspired by Starfox 64 and ‘Motosierras del Dr Salvador’ inspired by Resident Evil 4.

In this week’s post, we will be introducing the third of our upcoming designs… ‘Big Shell’, inspired by Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

Metal Gear Solid 2 is one of our favourite games of all time. It helped to change the gaming world forever and was as freaky as it was beautiful as it was addictive. Big Shell was of course the primary location for the whole game and few gamers will forget those iconic bridges and struts. The more observant will even notice the typefaces and colourways and all the other things that will make this design pretty damn awesome for any fan.

You’ll be able to pick up our ‘Big Shell’ tee when the design goes on sale later in year! Keep following our blog – and our Twitter and Facebook feeds for the latest information!

Nearly there… what do you think will be the next game to inspire us? Check back next Monday to find out our fourth and final design of the season.