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The battle was hard, the fighting intense, but there are now two winners in the recent poll on the official Tekken Facebook poll!

We’ve been working with the awesome folk at Namco Bandai to develop a hot new range of Tekken designs, inspired by the world’s ultimate fighters. Despite a fierce competition – particularly for second place – two designs emerged victorious… ‘The King of Iron Fist’ and ‘¡Viva King!’

‘King Of Iron Fist’ is inspired by the company behind the tournament – Mishima Zaibatsu. As well as celebrating this iconic brand, the back design outlines key details from within the game – think ‘rock band merch’ and you’re in the right ballpark. The sleek, slick and simple design lends itself perfectly to a stylish black hoodie.

‘¡VIVA KING!’ is influenced by the classic luchador designs from Mexico – and the most popular wrestler this side of Tijuana. In an awesomely eye-popping purple and yellow that echoes King’s classic colours, this tee is an epic tribute to the fantastic fighting feline – and this will look brilliant on your clothesline!

Both designs will be incoming very soon, in time for the launch of the game later in the year. Keep your eyes peeled for the first exclusive photos very soon. It’s time to get your geek on and get ready to rumble… FIGHT!