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We are very proud to reveal the first designs in our official Persona 4 Golden range.

We’ve been working closely with the wonderful team at ATLUS to launch an awesome first range, with designs inspired by our favourite characters, places and moments from the game. From Chie and Teddie, Yasogami High to the Midnight Channel – we’ve developed one of our biggest ever ranges, with loads of awesome treats to choose from…


Junes tee
Every day’s great at your Junes – especially when you’re part of the Investigation Team! Junes Department Store is at the heart of Inaba’s community – and its biggest mysteries. It also has an amazing selection of TVs that has to be seen to be believed. Time to celebrate everyday young life in style with this awesome tee…


Teddie raglan tee
Need a guide for The Midnight Channel? Then you need to meet Teddie! Super-cute and a master of un-bear-able puns, Teddie is also an indispensable friend with an incredible understanding of what lies in wait in The Midnight Channel. Inspired by his classic, unique look, this raglan tee helps you unleash your inner bear-sona!


Chie jacket
Love kung-fu and steak? Then it’s time to represent your inner Chie! Chie isn’t just one of Persona’s most enduring characters, she’s one of the finest videogame characters full-stop. Full of positive energy, she is always on hand to inspire and cheer on the Investigation Team. Rock her classic look every day with her unmistakable jacket… and we’ll be selling the badges too!


Yasogami tee, hoodie and varsity jacket
People say a good education is vital – and that’s definitely true if you’re at Yasogami High! One of the key locations for the Investigation Team, Yasogami High is where social links are forged and important lessons are learnt. Now you can enrol for the school of many gods by picking up this classic set of designs…


Arcana leggings
Do you know your Jester from your Emperor? Then time to show off your Arcana expertise! At the heart of the Persona Universe, the arcana are a vital and powerful part of the adventure – and one which all players have to master to succeed. These awesome leggings represent the 22 major arcana in all their glory…


The Midnight Channel tee
Some urban legends are more real than you think. The Midnight Channel is the tall tale at the heart of your adventures in Inaba. Next time you want to stare at a TV screen – alone, at midnight and in the rain – make sure you’re looking your best in this awesome t-shirt…


Kanji raglan tee
When the going gets tough, the tough call on Kanji Tatsumi! An integral and much-loved part of the Investigation Team, Kanji is always ready to get rough and rowdy. And now you can represent his own unique style, with this iconic skull and crossbones design on our classic 3/4 style raglan tee…

Obviously, with a game world that’s so huge and detailed, we can’t introduce everything all at once, so the more support we get for the first range, the more likely it is we’ll be able to continue to add more and more designs moving forward.

So keep ’em peeled for more news over the coming weeks – we’re looking forward to launching this new range very soon…


  1. Oh man, I want a good Chie jacket so much…crossing my fingers there’ll be one in my size!

    1. We’re working on prototypes at the moment – as soon as they’re ready to preorder, we’ll add ’em to the site 🙂

  2. So excited for this line! Really hoping something related to Rise is released soon as well! Absolutely adore her! Also Naoto’s hat would be amazing.

  3. Really looking forward to this! I’m SO getting a Yasogami hoodie and Chie’s jacket 😀 I remember seeing the blog post months ago, so especially now that it won’t be long until makes me super excited.