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Got Insert Coin gear and a camera? You could earn £5 for your photos!

Post up a pic of yourself wearing any of our products – either as a selfie or something more creative – tag us (in the text of the post, not in the image itself), along with the hashtag #CoinArmy, on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and then email a link through to us to claim your unique £5 code to use on

So, if you post up 10 different eligible pics, well you’ll get 10 £5 codes – simple, eh?

Our team will be checking all tagged photos for eligibility and each item can only be used once per person per channel, with one item being worn per post. Images need to include official IC apparel or accessories being worn as the focal point of the image and all images must be tagged correctly to qualify. Images using this code – or otherwise tagging in an official Insert Coin account – may be used in future marketing campaigns for the IC brand and the Coin Army promotion. You can find out more in the Terms section of this website. The Insert Coin team reserves the right to refuse the issue of codes, based on eligibility and suitability. Voucher codes cannot be combined – and as per all our other codes, they can’t be used to buy charity items, vouchers or bundles. £5 CoinArmy codes are only valid on orders of £10 or more, excluding postage.

And if you’re at a show where we have a store, you can pop along to say hello and ask for a £5 voucher in person – as long as you’re wearing your IC gear of course!

So what are you waiting for? Get your geek on today and you’ll get extra treats for representing Insert Coin online…


  1. Do you intend to potentially use these submitted images for your own marketing purposes? I feel you should state whether you are OR are not going to use these images on your site/social media/etc. once received.

    1. We do sometimes use images in future promotions – but we can’t guarantee it. You just have to keep ’em peeled to see if we do 🙂

    1. Hi there! The link appears to be working this side – but otherwise, just hit the Contact page on our site 🙂

  2. So can you only use one £5 voucher on an item?

    Like for example if something costed £10, you couldn’t use two £5 vouchers on it, you’d only be able to use one it, or can you use more than one voucher on an item?

    1. Absolutely spot on – each photo earns a £5 voucher and (as with all vouchers) you can’t stack them. But that just means you can spread the love over multiple items throughout the year 🙂

      1. Alright, I understand now, thank you ☺️ Now I also have a follow-up question: when you take/post the pictures do you have to show your face in them or can you have something in the background that is noticable and present in all of the pictures to be eligible?

        1. Well, it’s got to be you wearing it, so we definitely prefer seeing faces on there – it’s about being part of our community first and foremost of course. Our team review all submissions that come in, so if it doesn’t measure up for any reason, they’ll let you know 🙂

  3. Hey quick question!

    I’ve actually written a blog post about one of your items I’ve bought! I wondered, would this apply the same way as the Coin Army works? 🙂

    I’ll still tag you in said post etc on social media, but I just wondered. 🙂