We are very proud to announce that we are working on an awesome new range, inspired by Saints Row.

Everyone on the Insert Coin team is a long-term fan of the franchise and we’ve spent a lot of time on the mean streets of Steelport. We’re so excited and we’re so proud to show you all the designs we have in store – expect a LOT of purple!

“Volition are thrilled that Insert Coin Clothing have added Saints inspired clobber to their range.  We can’t wait to dub-test it to ensure the garments live up to the strain of saving the planet” says Jim Boone, Senior Producer, Volition.

And here’s how our initial line-up is shaping up…

Saints Flow tee
When you’re saving the world, you need the maximum amount of refreshment – and real heroes drink Saints Flow! This tee celebrates the classic taste of Saints in style…

Professor Genki tee
Genius comes in many forms, but there aren’t many that can match Professor Genki. He’s a fashionable feline too – and only this tee will give you MAXIMUM T-SHIRT ULTRA-JOY!

Gat polo
One man defines the Saints. One awesome man. This simple elegant polo celebrates the one and only Johnny Gat – the eternal figurehead for all Saints, everywhere…

Genki leggings
Everyone loves the cleverest cat in town – especially when that town is Steelport, USA! And when it comes to perfection, these Genki-infused leggings have got you covered…

Steelport Saints hoodie
Never forget where you’re coming from – not that you’d ever want to if you hail from Steelport of course! Celebrate its association with the Saints with this epic hoodie…

3rd Street Saints jacket
Steelport. Planet Earth. The Galaxy. Everyone everywhere wants to be a Saint – and now you can be part of the crew too, with this awesome varsity-style jacket…

As always, these are concepts and the final designs are still TBC, but this new range is set to land in early 2014 and we’ll have more details very soon… keep ‘em peeled!

69 thoughts on “THERE’S A SAINT IN ALL OF US

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  3. OMG: Professor Genki tee, Gat polo, Saints Flow tee, Steelport Saints hoodie: I would sell my cars (Wraith and Attrazione) to get one of these!!!!!!!11!!!111111!!oneone!!!

  4. omg so glad will there be more like deckers moringstar luchadors and vk tees and will they be in arange of colours

  5. Hi there! My name is Henry Layton. I want one of each of these items. There awesome. I’m an actor and stuntman, and I am actually the “player” for all of the the Saints Row games. Can you email me the link so I can order these items. Thank you.
    You guys are doing a great job. Have fun

    Henry Layton

  6. Any chance you guys will carry these in 4 or 5XL? I am a freakishly tall dude, and 3XL is usually too short =/

  7. Those are excellent, but I desperately need a distressed Freckle Bitches shirt, and maybe a Planet Saints tee, too.

  8. I love this idea! I can’t believe THQ/Volition never thought of it sooner!

    That said, I strongly feel that there is a missed opportunity with the Saints hoodie; The Saints started in STILLWATER, not Steelport. I truly believe that if you had a Stilwater hoodie, you’d get a lot more interest. I’d buy two, myself(one to wear and one to frame[I'm a huge fan of the first two games]).

    I loved how in the first game(and in a lesser capacity the sequel), coloring EVERYTHING purple, was part of the gameplay. The more purple you had, the more respect you got. Spray painting your car, your hair, your clothes, even accessories! They dropped that in Saints Row 3 and I missed that aspect of the game.

    So, this is a way to celebrate that feature from the first game and show love for the series itself. Great idea!

    • We did consider Stilwater, but we just prefer Steelport as a location – but you never know, if this range goes well a Stilwater one might happen later :-)

  9. hey guys, the staff of insert coin clothing, could one of you put me on some sort of alert list when pre-orders start up on these beauts? I got to have these reserved for my husband and me! thanks and let me know, bud : )

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  11. I’ve been looking for a new jacket, and something that fit the tag gamer. I was really excited to see the 3rd St Saints varsity jacket, but… well, looking at the site, it seems you only make up to XL on other jackets, I’d be afraid it would be a bit snug, so sadly I’ll probably have to pass. Hope these sell well though. It’s a great idea.

  12. I’d love to see a shirt with just Genki’s face as opposed to the SERC logo! But I’ll probably still pick up a SERC shirt, if it comes in women’s sizes. :)

    • Well, you never know for the future ranges ;-) Also, most women pick up our guys tee in a size down – as they’re fitted anyway, they work really well :-D

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    • The hoodie and jackets are both unisex – and all our female customers prefer the ‘guys’ cut tees at the moment anyway, so it’s pretty much Liberty Hall :-D

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  17. Finally! I’ve wanted Saints Row apparel for so long and I never thought this day would come, so thank you so much!

    I’d kill for Gat’s jacket exactly like the one he wears in SR3 and SR4 too. If it’s possible in the near future, could you guys make one? Even in female sizes, pretty please?

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  23. Please please please PLEASE! add a Freckle Bitch’s t-shirt.

    I’ve been going bonkers for one. These are all awesome and I’m LIKELY to get at least one of everything.

    But a Freckle Bitch’s t-shirt would srsly make me your best friend forever.

  24. OMG WOW!! I’ve been waiting for this day since I first discovered Saints Row!! This is so exciting. When they are available, will they be available internationally? I’m from Ireland, so I was hoping that I’d be able to get my hands on some Saints clothes =D

  25. I would be all up on that varsity jacket. These are great designs so far–I can’t wait to see the finished products.

  26. Absolutely loving the look of everything! Dying to buy the Genki leggings, any idea on a launch date?!

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  28. You don’t have a mailing list for updates, do you? I reeeaaally don’t want to miss out on this line, but I don’t check FB as often as I should… Do you usually sell out quickly?

    • They’re going to be launching for preorders soon – keep an eye out over the coming weeks… and follow our FB/Twitter feeds for all the latest news :-)

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