Promotional Merchandise


Want awesome promotional gear? Then Insert Coin can help!

We don’t just make the best licensed videogame merchandise, we also know how to design and produce apparel, accessories and logos to promote your game, franchise and brand! 

Designed by the same creative team and produced to the same industry-leading quality as our retail products, we regularly develop bespoke promo items for launches and events.

From tees and hoodies, to bags and pin badges, to jackets and hats. Whatever you want, we can design and make practically anything you want - perfectly matching your needs and exceeding your expectations. 

We’ve worked with some of the industry’s leading names to make awesome promotional gear, including Microsoft, PlayStation, Eurogamer, EA, Ubisoft, Gamespot, GAME, IGN, Future Publishing, SpecialEffect, Konami, Capcom, Bandai Namco, Devolver Digital, Rocksteady and many more. 

By working together, we’ve been able to make high quality, iconic and memorable promotional merchandise - helping each and every brand reach their community and spread awareness through tangible, limited edition items.

Want to see how we can help YOU? Drop us a line at and, together, we can make memorable, creative gear for your community. PLEASE NOTE: We do not currently offer any wholesale opportunities and all products are sold exclusively through our own store - and occasionally through our licensing partners' online stores. 

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In-store uniform, including bespoke tees and hoodies 2013


Logo design and bespoke hoodies for 'The Gathering' 2011

Forza tees for the 'Paris to Top Gear Live' road race 2012

Fable Anniversary 'E3 reveal' tees and polo shirts

Fable Anniversary 'Gamescom' tees


Expo merchandise for retail and staff 2011-13


Battlefield 4 promo hoodies


Promotional 'Sun Valley' and 'RCPD' tees for Need For Speed Rivals

Europe-wide promotional 'nano onesies' for Crysis 3

Europe-wide product related promotional tees for FIFA13

Promotional 'FCPD' tees for Need for Speed: Most Wanted


UK-wide promotional hoodies for Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

UK-wide uniform hoodies for Consumer Experience Team

UK-wide promotional hoodies for Splinter Cell: Blacklist

UK-wide promotional hoodies for Assassin's Creed III

UK-wide promotional hoodies for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier


Limited-edition hoodies for special edition of DmC


Limited-edition 8th anniversary studio tees

Namco Bandai

Limited-edition promotional tees for Tales of Grace

Limited-edition promotional tees for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 contests

Born Ready

Promotional tees and hoodies for 'Strike Suit Zero' Kickstarter project


UK-wide promotional tees for MCM Expos 2010-11


Celebration logo for 100th Podcast event 2011

Future Publishing

Promotional products including Official Nintendo Wii-U bags

Retail merchandise and promotional tees 2012 including Edge tees and ONM Wii-U shirts

Explosive Alan

Promotional tees for the 'Project Possum' Kickstarter project

Loading Bar

Promotional hoodies for the 'London Gaming Bar' Kickstarter project


Retail merchandise and promotional tees for Gamers for Good 2010-13 charity campaign

Gamers' Voice

Retail merchandise and promotional tees 2010-12


Retail merchandise and promotional tees 2010

Playtonic Games

Promotional tees for Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter project