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CONKER, BANJO AND OTHER RARE TREATS! We're so proud to reveal our incoming @RareLtd range...

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EVERY CLICK MAKES A DIFFERENCE TO SPECIALEFFECT! Every day, SpecialEffect helps people to get more out of life through gaming... including making controllers tailored to their needs! Meet David. He's a big fan of GTA, Skyrim and Battlefield but lost quite a lot of movement in his hands when he was involved in a road traffic accident two years ago. David couldn't use his thumbs to move the sticks on a standard joypad - or press any of the trigger or shoulder buttons needed to play - so his Mum contacted SpecialEffect to see if they could help. The team found a position where David could comfortably use a good solid joystick - something he can operate well with the big movements of his right arm. They also positioned a button by his head, and more where he could use the movement of his left arm. The end result? David is now able to play the games he wants to again, which is just fantastic! The SE team work tirelessly to create solutions that bring the joy of videogames to people's lives - and every Like and Share helps spread the word about this incredible charity. Get your geek on now and support SpecialEffect...

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