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Time to #GetYourGeekOn for the weekend! New or old, indie or AAA - what are you playing?

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WHAT DIFFERENCE CAN GAMERS MAKE? Each day, more and more people are signing up to SpecialEffect's two epic upcoming charity events - GameBlast16 and the Twin Town Car Challenge. But what difference does it really make? Meet Kai. He recently suffered a spinal injury and as a result has no movement in his fingers or thumbs. The SpecialEffect team went to visit him the other day, and found that by using the movement of his arms, Kai was able to use the analog sticks and face buttons really well. The team postioned four separate buttons so that he can hit them with his arm movements, while still using the sticks and face buttons. They also programmed them to act like the triggers and bumpers, so now Kai can get back to playing games using the whole controller again! Stories like this are ONLY possible because SpecialEffect is supported by people like YOU. As gamers, we all have the power to help change the world - help spread the word about SpecialEffect, and donate whatever you can afford to this amazing charity...

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