our products

Are your designs official?

Yes! All our designs are official and have been signed off by the developers and publishers of the games we represent - and usually the whole production team too!

All of our products are made exclusively for the Insert Coin store.

Are your products limited?
All our products are limited, which is why we always recommend ordering what you want as soon as possible. If your size is out of stock, you can hit the 'respawn' on the product page and we will then email if we make more... and remember, once an item has gone GAME OVER, it's gone forever!
What makes your products different?

As well as awesome designs, we make sure we always use the best apparel as a base.

Our tees and hoodies are not bought off the peg, but made from scratch by us, for us. That means you're getting exclusive quality every time.

We work hard to source the best raw materials and use the best processes to get great, unique colours that resist fading and cracking. In the unlikely event that you're not 100% satisfied, our team are always on standby to help you.

Why are most of your designs unisex or on a specific cut?
Our products are designed to be worn by whoever wants to wear them, and our unisex cuts are the most popular with all genders. We do occasionally make a ‘gender specific’ item, but as everyone prefers our standard cut, we create most items accordingly. 
What materials do you use?
We use a variety of materials on all our products - designed to balance comfort, durability and wearability. Our tees and hoodies are typically a cotton / man-made fibre blend, which means they’ll keep looking great for years of wear. We do aim to keep all materials information as up to date as possible. Please note, some items may include stitching, patches, labels or other detailing that includes other materials - for example 100% cotton products may use polycotton blends for patches or on-garment stitching. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our team
What sizes does Insert Coin sell?

We stock apparel and accessories in a wide variety of sizes. All sizing info can be found on our sizing page. We list our sizes as 'flat' measurements, which means you can compare them to items you already own, without the need to measure yourself. Please note, our sizing specifications are for guidance only and there may be some variation between products.

How do bundles work?

Bundles collect together items from a range at an awesome low price. 

Wherever possible, we check with your previous orders to avoid you receiving doubles in mystery bundles. However, please note we cannot check against items bought as gifts or at real-life events - and we cannot acept requests for specific items. 

Random tee and hoodie 'bundles' contain one item that is chosen completely at random and these are not checked against previous orders.

For stock management, included items are only available in one size per Bundle.

Please note, as there is already a discount applied on Bundle items, vouchers and discount codes cannot be used against Bundles. 

How do gift cards work?

Not sure what you want to buy? You can always pick up our gift cards!

You just choose the value, enter a few details and we will send a Gift Card direct to your chosen inbox.

Gift cards can be used at checkout without registering, but any remaining credit on the card will be lost. We cannot add lost credit to accounts retrospectively, so we strongly advise creating an account - this can be done at checkout while using your gift card for the first time. If you are logged into your account, any excess gift card credit will be added automatically to your IC wallet. Gift cards can be used on any products on the Insert Coin website, but cannot be redeemed against postage costs. 

For any support, simply email our team - they'll be happy to help!

Can I buy your products in other stores?

Our products are exclusive to our online store, expo stands and (very occasionally) our partners’ online stores. 

However, we don’t supply our products to any other stores or websites. This is because our designs are exclusive, unique and ensure you’re a part of our growing community.

You may see similar products, but they will not be on Insert Coin products, which are always made from scratch, from the raw products up. It also means we can offer awesome treats - like our #CoinArmy, regular deals and promotions, and coin rewards programme.

Please note, we do not currently offer our products for wholesale opportunities.  

Is there any variation in products from on-screen to real-life?

While we try to match sizes, cuts and colours as much as possible, there is always some variation due to the bespoke nature of our products.

In addition, as monitor settings can vary so much, there can always be some variation in colours in real-life compared to on-screen. 

How do I look after my Insert Coin products?

All our products come with full care instructions on the label, but as a general rule, our tees and hoodies should be washed inside-out at 30°C with similar coloured items.

We always recommend washing items separately when washing for the first time, and with similar colours thereafter. Never tumble dry our products or iron the prints. We recommend dry cleaning for jackets and other premium items.

Due to the characteristics of fabrics and production techniques, some pilling can occur and prints may fade or crack over time - depending on wear and cleaning methods.

Items from Insert Coin are built to last, but if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us

What new products are you working on?

We’re always adding new designs to our line-up. If you want to find out what we’re working on - and to get a sneaky peek behind the scenes - make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Will you ever make gear for my favourite game?

We are always adding more games to our line-up. All our products are officially licensed and some games may be difficult or even impossible to licence.

But don’t worry, we love all games and we’re always looking to represent games old and new in our upcoming ranges.

stock levels & game over products

The item I want is out of stock / GAME OVER - will you please make more?

All our products are limited edition pieces - in fact, exclusivity is one of the most important things about Insert Coin products.

However, we do occasionally reprint out of stock lines. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date with the latest news on upcoming reprints and new designs.

You can also request a 'respawn' via the product page if your size is out of stock. Please note, once a product is GAME OVER, it is gone forever - so we always recommend ordering (or preordering) as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. 

What does 'LOW STOCK' mean on a product page?

If a product is marked as 'low stock', it means it is already selling out and stock is getting low. We always recommend ordering (or preordering) as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. 

What does 'LAST CHANCE' mean on a product page?

All Insert Coin products are limited edition.

When a product is about to sell out forever, it is marked 'LAST CHANCE' - as this is the last chance you'll have to order yours and we do not plan on any further restocks. We always recommend ordering (or preordering) as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. 


What are my delivery options?

To make your life easier, we offer multiple delivery options - with flat rates no matter how many items you order. We also ship to practically any address in the world. Simply choose the items you want, fill in your details and buy!

Items in your order/preorder may ship in separate packages and from multiple locations - we have warehouses in the UK and China and products may despatch from either location depending on stock levels etc. This will not impact on the cost of shipping to your address. 

Please note, we strongly recommend using a secure and safe shipping address for your order - and it is always worth doublechecking the address you use to make sure it is 100% correct. 

Do you ship internationally?
YES! We can pretty much ship anywhere in the world (subject to any licence restrictions or international embargoes). Simply place your order as normal. If there are any problems with your shipping, we will let you know. While it is not a common occurrence, you may have to pay an adidtional sales tax or customs duty when your item arrives in your country, subject to local requirements. These local taxes or duties are the responsibility of the recipient.

Please note, we strongly recommend using a secure and safe shipping address for your order - and it is always worth doublechecking the address you use to make sure it is 100% correct.  
My country isn’t listed as a delivery option - why is that?

We ship worldwide wherever possible. On occasion, some countries may be removed from our listing due to international embargoes or security issues regarding the safety of packages. If you have any specific concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Can you mark my package as a gift?

Due to customs and security regulations, we are unable to mark packages as a gift or amend/alter the value of products contained within a package.

Do you have a store? Can I come and buy products direct?

We don't have a permanent 'bricks and mortar' retail store - and our products are exclusively available from our website. Please note, due to health and safety restrictions, we cannot allow members of the public into our HQ to make purchases (or exchanges) in person.

When will my preorder ship?

When our new ranges launch, we often make them available as 'preorder' items.

These can be bought in the same way as in-stock items and will be shipped as soon as possible after production has finished.

If an order contains both in-stock and preorder items, the in-stock items may ship immediately, with any preorder items following as soon as they are available. As with all our products, preorder items are made from scratch and can take a few weeks to produce.

Please note: payment occurs when an order/preorder is placed.

My order is for a special occasion - can you ship it faster?

We ship all orders on a first-placed, first-shipped basis, 9am-3pm UK time, week days only - however processing time (for picking and packing items) may take a few days.

However, if your order is for a special occasion - such as a birthday or holiday - there are a few things you can do to help speed up the processing of your order.

First of all, make sure all the items you have ordered are in stock. We can only ship items that are in stock and ready to go.

Secondly, we sometimes offer an expedited shipping or courier service. This may provide faster delivery times. During periods of high traffic, we do occasionally remove these services, but they are often available in the dropdown at checkout. 

If your order hasn't shipped and you'd like assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us and our team will be happy to assist. 

Why has my order not shipped yet?

We aim to ship all orders as soon as possible during our opening hours - you can find typical processing times on our Worldwide Shipping page.

If your order hasn’t shipped, it may be because a preorder item is included. In-stock items in an order may sometimes ship separately from preorder items. If your order items are all in-stock but it hasn't shipped, it may be that our team are catching up on orders - we thank you for your patience while they work through any backlog.

If your order is for a special occasion - such as a birthday or holiday - we strongly recommend ordering in-stock items separately from preorder items to help minimise delays.

Expedited shipping options are also sometimes available to assist in rapid delivery if required. 

Do you take payment when you place an order/preorder, or when it ships?
We take payment when you first place an order/preorder. This is due to the limited nature of our products and also helps to make the packing process faster and smoother when it comes to shipping your order/preorder. You can cancel your preorder prior to it shipping by emailing our team - although an order/preorder cannot be cancelled if the picking/packing/postage process has begun. 
Can I cancel my order?
If you've changed your mind, it's important to drop our team an email to request a cancellation as quickly as possible - stating the order number and all other relevant details. However, it may not always be possible to cancel an order if it has already been shipped or prepared for shipping and a member of our team will be able to advise on the status of your order when you contact us.
I haven't received a confirmation or shipping email - did my order go through?

If you haven't received an order confirmation email within two working days of going through checkout, please contact our team who will be happy to help. Shipping emails are sent automatically when an order is processed for delivery. If your order is shipped in multiple packages, you my receive multiple emails accordingly. 

codes, discounts & vouchers

How do I use codes, discounts or vouchers?

Using our discount codes couldn't be easier. Simply enter your code when you checkout. 

Giftcards are entered in the wallet on your account page. Please note, giftcard balance is maintained on your account, but discount code balance is not stored and any outstanding value will be lost if the full amount is not used at checkout. 

It is not possible to use discount codes on orders for vouchers, bundles, sale items, charity items or postage. Specific terms and conditions may be available for each code and some specific products may not eligible for a discount at launch or during a sale - but if in doubt, please contact our team who will be happy to provide assistance.

Where can I get discount codes?

We regularly post up discount codes, which is another reason why we recommend following us on our social media channels - and signing up to our email newsletter.

You can also find them through our partners and their sites, videos and publications. You can even find codes via forums and websites - Google is your friend!

Please remember that all codes are subject to fair use and any listed terms and conditions - and are one use per account. It is not possible to use codes on orders for vouchers, bundles, charity items or postage. Specific terms and conditions may be available for each code, but if in doubt, please contact our team who will be happy to provide assistance.

Can I use multiple discount codes?

You can only use one code per order and at the point of ordering (you can't add them retroactively) - but there are always lots of great discount codes available. Please note that all codes are one use per customer.

We always encourage fair usage of codes and reserve the right to remove any promotion - or suspend accounts - if we believe they may have been abused or compromised. 

It is not possible to use codes on orders for vouchers, bundles, charity items or postage. Specific terms and conditions may be available for each code, but if in doubt, please contact our team who will be happy to provide assistance.

Why is my discount code not working?

All codes are limited to one use per account and may also be subject to other terms and conditions - such as only being active during selected usage periods or applicable against specific items.

It is not possible to use codes on orders for vouchers, bundles, charity items, sale items, some specific items or postage. Specific terms and conditions may be available for each code, but if in doubt, please contact our team who will be happy to provide assistance.

Please note, it is not possible to apply voucher codes retroactively on any orders/preorders placed. 

I've placed an order - can I apply a discount code now?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to retroactively apply discount codes - they can only be applied during checkout. 

The product I want was in a sale last week, can I buy it at the lower price?

Unfortunately not. We continually run different offers and promotions, and items regularly go out of stock for good - so we always recommend ordering as soon as possible if there's something you like!

How Does ‘Invite A Friend’ work?

Our ‘Invite A Friend’ scheme is a great way to introduce your friends to our store - and you get an extra treat for it too! 

To start, simply add the email addresses of your friends (we recommend asking them first!) and then they'll get a message with a £5 discount code, just for them. The code is tied to the email you provide and is one use only, valid for one year from the date sent. Please note, the code is only valid for new customers, so people who have already ordered from us won’t be able to receive an invite message or code.

So what’s in it for you? For every friend who orders from our store, you’ll also get a £5 voucher. The code will be sent to you when they place their order, to the email address on your account. The code is one use only and will be valid for one year from the date sent. The codes cannot be stacked, but you will get a code for every eligible friend who orders from the store. Usual fair usage terms and conditions apply for all codes - they are not eligible on charity items, bundles, gift cards, some items at launch and postage. 

Can I use vouchers at your expo / pop-up stores?

No - vouchers are for online use only. Our 'bricks and mortar' stores already have great deals in place and all codes are registered against one use per account. 

your account

Do I need to create an account - or sign-in - to place an order?

You don't have to have an account to order, but it will help you save Coins against future orders.

Signing-up to our regular newsletter will also give you early access to products and promotions. You can find out more about how we look after and store your data in our Privacy Terms.

Why should I create an Insert Coin account?

Apart from the sheer awesomeness of being part of 'Team Coin', membership has loads of benefits.

You'll be able to take advantage of exclusive promotions, be the first to see new designs and you'll even be able to earn Coins, helping you get money off your next purchase... so you can get your geek on for less!

How do I deactivate my account? How do I leave the mailing list?
You can deactivate your account or leave our mailing list at any time. You can deactivate your account via the 'delete account' button on your account. You can unsubscribe from our mailing list by hitting the unsubscribe button on any email received. If you need further information, please check out our Privacy Terms, or email in for further assistance


How do I earn Coins?

You earn a Coin for every £2 you spend on our store.

For example, if you order a £20 tee will earn you 10 Coins.

As long as you're logged-in, Coins will automatically be added to your account. Coins are earned against items bought, and does not include any postage costs.

For international orders, Coins are earned according to British Pounds Sterling, not your local currency.

Any savings made by using vouchers and codes will not earn Coins, unless otherwise stated. For example, if you spend £100 and use a 10% code, you will only earn Coins on £90.

You can only earn and spend Coins online at www.insertcoinclothing.com

Please note, you must be signed-in to your account - or create one if it's your first order - to receive and save Coins.

So how do Coins work?

Well, every 10 coins is worth a pound you can claim back directly on your next order.

So if you have 10 coins, you'll get £1 off, 20 coins will get £2 off. You can simply choose to use your coins next time you make a purchase. But you don't have to use them straight away. Please note, coins cannot be used on postage costs.

If you have any questions about collecting or using Insert Coin coins, simply contact us - we'll be happy to help. To earn coins you must be a member and you must be signed in when you check out your order. 

I wasn't signed in when I made my order and so I didn't get my Coins - can they be added back onto my account?

Unfortunately, we cannot add Coins back onto your account retrospectively.

If you are saving Coins, make sure you choose to log-in to your account - or create one if it's your first order - before checking out.

We cannot move Coins from one account to another and Coins are also lost if you deactivate your account. 

My Coins haven't been added yet - why?

All Coins are added after your order has been processed and shipped - check back later and your total will be amended accordingly.

If you think your CoIns should've been added, or your Coin total is different to what you expected, please contact our team - they will be happy to assist further.

All my Coins have disappeared - HELP!

No problem - contact our team by email and they'll be happy to help you.

Coins can disappear if your connection drops, or if you click 'Back' or double-click in the final stages of checkout.

We recommend making sure your order is as complete as possible before applying any Coin discount.

Rest assured though that any Coins lost will be added back to your account as soon as possible after you've let us know!

I want to deactivate my account - can I keep my Coins?

If you choose to deactivate your account, all your coins are also deactivated and cannot be added to new / different accounts. 

Can I use Coins at your expo / pop-up stores?

All Coins earned are tied to your online account and can only be redeemed on our online store. 


What is the #CoinArmy and how do I join?

The #CoinArmy is AWESOME!

You can earn a £5 voucher every time you post a photo of you wearing an IC product - you just need to include the tag ‘#CoinArmy’ and email us with all the details. We may then use your photos in future promotions to let people know about the benefits of representing IC online. 

You can find all the information you need over on our blog

returns, refunds & exchanges

How do I get a refund / exchange?

If you're not 100% happy with your purchase from Insert Coin, we will do all we can to make it better.

You can have a refund or make an exchange up to 30 days after purchase. Please note, after receipt, it may take up to 28 days to process your return. 

For UK orders, we offer a free returns service - we do not reimburse other methods of shipping back to us.

For international orders, we do not refund postage costs unless the garment is faulty or we have made a mistake with your order. For faulty or incorrect items in international orders, please email our team first - they will be able to assist with any issues.  

You can get all the information you need (and download the Exchange/Refund form for UK orders) on our Returns page. If you cannot print the returns form and label, you can handwrite out the form details (with all the same information as the printable form), while the Returns label can be printed out by your local Post Office - you just need to show them the QR code on your phone or mobile device. 

We recommend checking all items in your order thoroughly BEFORE trying them on. 

Please note, that for items in multibuy offers (for example, 3 for 2 tees), the cheapest item can only be exchanged for an item of equivalent value.

We do not offer a 'price promise' on our products. If you are returning an item from outside the UK, please note that this is at your own risk and expense - we recommend emailing in first to check whether a return is necessary and whether we would reimburse any return costs.

If a promotional item is included as part of purchase, this MUST be included with your return otherwise you may not receive a refund.


security & data usage

Are payments on Insert Coin secure?
YES! All orders made on Insert Coin are 100% secure. We use PayPal or HSBC for all of our payments and as such we NEVER get to see any of your card details.
How do you guys use my data?

We take your data very seriously - and we only ever use it in the ways you have agreed.

When you place an order, we use the information you provide to process and ship your order - and to contact you in the event of any issue.

If you choose to receive promotional emails and information, we use the email you provide to send you the latest news from our store. 

For the full information on what we do with any data you provide to us, and what we do to look after it, please visit our Terms page

contacting us

I’ve emailed about an issue - when will I get an answer?

We aim to respond to all emails received within 72 hours, 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday - not including national holidays of course.

If you don’t hear back from us in that time, and an email from us hasn’t gone into your junk or spam folder - feel free to contact again.

It may be that your email has bounced through our system and the team haven’t received it yet.

Please note that while our social media teams can assist with general enquiries, they can’t help with order specific advice due to data protection laws.