By in General, SpecialEffect


We are very proud to announce that our new SpecialEffect tee is ready to order – and it’s shipping right now!

Every penny of profit of the new ‘GameBlast‘ design will go direct to SpecialEffect, helping them to support people with disabilities.

The tee is exclusively available on our store right now – and don’t worry, we’ll have loads of proper pics in the next week or so, once we’ve completed our next photoshoot.

The new design celebrates GameBlast – a gaming marathon event taking place at the end of February. It’s open to people of all ages and gives entrants the chance to take on an epic challenge – as well as help people with disabilities benefit from the awesomeness of videogames.

“We’re absolutely chuffed that Insert Coin will be producing these tees, and we’re very grateful to them for producing the GameBlast branding that they’ll feature. They’ll drive awareness of the event, and in turn help us to help people with disabilities to benefit from video games,” explained Mark Saville at SpecialEffect.

So what are you waiting for? Get your geek on and make a real difference today…