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We’re very proud to announce that a stack of new designs are now available on the IC store – inspired by two decades of gaming awesomeness from Resident Evil, Watch_Dogs, Killzone, SpecialEffect, Fable and Worms.

You can find out more about each design – and grab yours – through the links below…

Wesker button-thru shirt, inspired by Resident Evil
Leon button-thru shirt, inspired by Resident Evil 2
STARS t-shirt, inspired by Resident Evil
RPD (Raccoon City) t-shirt, inspired by Resident Evil 2
Banana Bomb t-shirt, inspired by Worms
Holy Hand Grenade t-shirt, inspired by Worms
Kellan hoodie, inspired by Killzone Shadow Fall
Albion t-shirt, inspired by Fable
Chicken Chaser t-shirt, inspired by Fable
Hacker gloves, inspired by Watch_Dogs
GameBlast t-shirt, inspired by SpecialEffect (all profits go to charity)

Best of all, you can earn double coins on ALL orders and preorders placed before 5pm (UK time) on 12 February 2014. Ohh, and remember it is 3-for-2 on tees and vests too – double win, WHOO!

But that’s not everything – we’ve still got loads more products to launch in the next few weeks. Keep ‘em peeled for details very soon – and make sure you’re following us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest news.

In the meantime, make sure you don’t miss out on our new designs and get your geek on while stocks last…

UPDATE: We’ve also added our new Assassin’s Creed inspired Jackdaw shirt to the preorder line-up!


  1. Nice! Joel shirt was amazing, decided to go with the Kennedy one now.

    Although that GBP to CAD conversion is killer x_x aha

    1. All our designs are more than wearable for women – in fact, most preferred our ‘guys’ fit, which is why we tend to make more in that style as it’s flattering for everyone 🙂