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The summer might not be (officially) over for another month or so, but we’re already looking ahead to our new set of videogame-inspired hoodies – which includes some of our best-selling designs, as well as one of the most anticipated concepts we’ve ever worked on.

We’ve currently got five hoodies in pre-production, ready for the cooler weather – check out the sneak peeks above! – all of which will either be zip-through or our brand new sleeker fit and, for the first time, available in sizes Small to 3XL!

First off, we have two new Sonic zip-through hoodies. These are 100% official SEGA products and will be available worldwide in the next couple of months. The ‘Team Robotnik’ design is in a rich red, while the ‘Team Sonic’ version will be in pure hedgehog blue. With prints to front and back, these retro-styled hoodies will be the perfect way to wear your allegiance on your sleeve – and a new way to grab these amazingly popular designs!

Another of our classic designs – Fishing Tournament – is also making the leap from tee to hoodie. That ‘Kokiri Forest’ green is working really well and the iconic design transfers just as well to our new fit hoodies as it did to tees. Expect this Zelda-inspired hoodie to drop at the same time as the Sonic designs – just in time for the winter chill!

Finally, we have a certain Assassin’s Creed hoodie incoming too. Yeah, I know – we kept that quiet, right?

Our official design, inspired by Ezio’s home town, is now well into pre-production. We’re currently working on the finer points of the design and constantly tweaking it ready for its upcoming launch.

From the initial ideas, the hoodie has evolved from a zip-through to our new sleek fit hoodie. But the loss of a zip isn’t all bad – it means the hood sits better on your head AND gives the stitched lettering more space to breathe.

And about that hood… well, it was the bit we were most worried about at the start, but it’s really coming along well. The ‘eagle peak’ is a nifty nod towards Altair and Ezio, but it can be easily folded away if you don’t want to rock it while you’re out doing your weekly shop. We’ve added an exciting new colourway into the mix too. If you fancy being a slightly less subtle member of the Creed – you can grab a reverse-out of the main design, in Sanguine Red, rather than the more traditional Auditore Grey.

We’re really chuffed with these official Assassin’s Creed hoodies and we think you will be too when they go live later in the year.

So that’s where we are so far with these upcoming additions to our range. The image above gives you a sneaky peek at some of what is in the pipeline… not long now and we’ll be able to give you the full reveal.

Excited? We are! Roll on autumn…