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Have you won an awesome and exclusive hoodie? Will you follow in the footsteps of Ezio?

As you probably already know, we offered you guys the chance to win the only completed prototype ‘Monteriggioni’ hoodie in the world at our Eurogamer Expo store. We had an overwhelming number of entries, but we’re very pleased to announce that the winning number is 416! (even if that’s not your number please keep hold of your ticket for the moment – just in case!)

So, what now? If you have that lucky number – LET US KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Once you’ve laid claim to your prize, you’ll need to send your winning ticket back through to us (probably best to send it recorded/signed-for delivery, just in case!) and once we’ve verified it is a genuine claim, we will send you your hoodie… along with an enormous game pile, which includes DiRT 3, Child of Eden, Driver San Francisco and lots more!

If – IF! – no one claims the prize in two weeks (due to holidays, intensive Gears of War 3 sessions etc), we will redraw a new number to find a new winner, which we will keep doing until the prize is claimed. See, this is why you shouldn’t chuck away your ticket just yet!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered. And don’t be too disheartened about not winning this time… as Yoda said before, there is ANOTHER.

We also have an earlier prototype of the hoodie in the alternate ‘Sanguine Red’ colourway. And it’s signed by Nolan North (@nolan_north), voice of Desmond Miles and all round lovely man. If you’d like to win THAT piece of videogame history, you might want to start following us and @specialeffect on Twitter… you’ll find out more in October.

Just saying!

Otherwise, the plan is that the hoodie – in both Auditore Grey and Sanguine Red – and the new official ‘Animus’ tee will go on sale at the end of October, initially in UK and Eire only and retailing at £35 and £25 respectively.