By in General, Resident Evil


We’ve been busy working on our next range of tees – developing designs inspired by the classic videogames that made us into the gamers we are today. Last week we kickstarted our season of reveals with ‘Space Dynamics’, as inspired by our favourite vulpine action space-sim, Star Fox 64.

This week, we’re revealing the second of our new season designs… ‘Motosierras del Dr Salvador’, inspired by Resident Evil 4.

Picking up Resident Evil 4 for the first was an experience unlike any other. No Umbrella, traditional zombies replaced with ‘angry villagers’, the man-child-thing that is Salazar – it all added up to a unique and awesome addition to the Resident Evil franchise… and one we loved from the get go.

This design focuses on one of the core elements for the game for us – CHAINSAWS! The creeping dread – soon replaced with absolute panic – when you knew Dr Salvador was on his way… it’s not a gaming experience you forget in a hurry. What were Dr Salvador’s qualifications anyway? Was ‘more chainsaws’ the only prescription he felt comfortable giving out?

As a side note, we’re particularly excited with this design because it’s our first ‘double ringer’… we think it looks damn cool!

Time to tool up and get ready to rumble! Pick up your exclusive ‘Motosierras’ tee when they go on sale later in the year… keep an eye out for more information very soon!

Halfway there – what game do you think will be on the next tee?