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The time is nearly here. No, really… it is! After months of peeks and peaks and reveals, the time is finally approaching. Our winter range is nearly ready to rumble.

This time next week we will be setting everything up with the wonderful @paultaitphoto for the last main shoot of the year… and what a shoot it promises to be! Whether you’re waiting for our official Assassin’s Creed ‘Monteriggioni’ eagle peaked hoodies, our sleek Animus tee or one of our classic hoodies or t-shirts, you’re in for a real treat.

So what is actually going to be coming out then? Well, the designs will come in two waves…

Wave 1 – On Sale First Week of November
– Monteriggioni ‘Eagle Peak’ Hoodie (Auditore Grey), Official Assassin’s Creed Range – S-XL: £35 2XL-3XL: £40
– Monteriggioni ‘Eagle Peak’ Hoodie (Sanguine Red), Official Assassin’s Creed Range – S-XL: £35 2XL-3XL: £40
– Eggman Industries Hoodie (Robotnik Red), Official Sonic the Hedgehog Range – S-XL: £35 2XL-3XL: £40
– Team Sonic Hoodie (Hedgehog Blue), Official Sonic the Hedgehog Range – S-XL: £35 2XL-3XL: £40
– Fishing Tournament Hoodie (Kokiri Green), inspired by Legend of Zelda: OoT – S-XL: £30 2XL-3XL: £35
– Animus Tee (Pitch Black), Official Assassin’s Creed Range – S-3XL: £25
– Pillar of Autumn Tee (Chief Green), inspired by Halo: Combat Evolved – S-3XL: £20
– Motosierras del Dr Salvador Tee (Lab White), inspired by Resident Evil 4 – S-3XL: £20
– Big Shell Tee (Snake Grey), inspired by Metal Gear Solid 2 – S-3XL: £20
– Space Dynamics Tee (Pitch Black), inspired by Star Fox 64 – S-3XL: £20

Wave 2 – On Sale Late November/early December
– New Yolk City Tee (Stranger Blue), Official Oddworld Range – S-3XL: £25
– Sekto Springs Tee (Midnight Blue), Official Oddworld Range – S-3XL: £25

We’ve worked on the bespoke cut of all our hoodies and tees to ensure a better fit – we listened to you guys and we’ve tweaked the spec accordingly. All items in these new ranges will be available for worldwide delivery, except the Assassin’s Range, which initially is only available in UK & Eire but we hope to open that up in the coming weeks – watch this space! Prices will be £20 for our classic tees, £25 for our licensed tees and from £30 and £35 for our classic and licensed hoodies respectively.

So we are very, very, very nearly there now. Watch this space – you’ll be first to see the new designs ‘in the flesh’ next week!


    1. Hi Aiden – this blog post is from last year, so all of the above mentioned designs are already on sale! 🙂