By in General, SoulCalibur


We love creating designs inspired by the games we grew up with. And that’s made even more special when we’re approached by the developers themselves to produce official tees for their franchise.

Already this year we’ve been extremely lucky to work on some amazing gaming legends and now – thanks to the wonderful, gorgeous people at Namco Bandai – we’re going to start 2012 off with an official tee to celebrate the launch of SoulCalibur V.

We’ve been busily working on concepts for this epic franchise over the last few weeks and we’ve just received confirmation that our new design – Cervantes de Leon – is signed, sealed and ready to go in Q1 of 2012… just in time for the release of the next epic installment in the franchise. We have been huge fans of the SoulCalibur games since Soul Blade in 1997 and have especially fond memories of smacking seven shades of sunshine out of all-comers with Li Long.

And so we’re HUGELY honoured to have been asked to work with Namco Bandai on this project – they’re an awesome team and SoulCalibur V is shaping up to be the fighter to beat next year.

Anyway, on to the design itself! Inspired by one of the most enduring characters of the entire series – and drawing its style from metal tees of the ’70s and ’80s, ‘Cervantes de Leon’ is all about the pirate king who just won’t die! His crazy taunts were always a pleasure and, well, you’ve gotta love a pirate haven’t you? This exclusive high contrast design, complete with ‘come with me to hell’ motif, is on a deliciously black tee and will be ready for preorder – and sale – early in the new year. Watch this space!

We’re really, REALLY excited about this new tee, being part of the SoulCalibur franchise and working with Namco Bandai on more exciting stuff in the future… roll on 2012!