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January is a fairly miserable month. And in 2012 civilisation’s meant to end too. Bit of a bummer all round, eh?

Well, never mind – it might be the beginning of the end of the world, but with our tees and hoodies you can sure as hell look good when the red rings and yellow lights start flickering on the great console in the sky.

And what’s even BETTER is that you can get a huge range of tees for less throughout January, all by using a simple code.

Simply add any two eligible £20 tees to your bag and enter B1G1HP at checkout to get two tees for £30 – pretty nifty, eh?

The code is valid worldwide and runs throughout January (ends 23:59 January 31st GMT) and is only valid when used in an order containing at least two £20 tees.

So now there are no excuses – when Judgement Day kicks off and all the Mayans say ‘we told you so’, you’ll still be looking awesome in your Insert Coin tees!