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We’ve got a super special secret mission for a few of you lucky folk… would you like to get involved?

You might remember that a couple of weeks ago we sneak-peeked a strange little image with some odd words and lots of fiddly anagrams (here, if you missed it!)… well, all will now be revealed.

Y’see, 2012 looks set to be a big year for everyone at Insert Coin Towers and so we decided that we needed to spruce up our website to get ready for all the new designs that are coming your way. Well, one thing led to another and before we knew it, we’d completely smashed the site and started again from scratch. Now we have a brand new site waiting in the wings and we just need to give it a few little tweaks ready for launch.

So, what we need now is a crack team of Insert Coin Teevangelists to delve into our new look site, give it a few spins round the block and tell us what you think, whether anything is broken and – most importantly – whether you like it!

Not only do you get a chance to nose around our new site early, but we’ll also give you £10 of vouchers to spend in our new store when it launches too!

Sound like a deal? Well, if you choose to accept this mission, all you need to do is drop us an email at explaining why you’d like to help and put ‘Test Pilot’ in the subject header. Job done. We’ll then choose a crack team to go through to the testing platform in the next week or so.

Thanks guys – can’t wait to show you our new look for 2012!