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A New Look for 2012!

Welcome to our brand new website – our new online home!

What started out as a little bit of a spring clean has ended up in a completely new site, with some new features.

Of course, you still get all the best videogame tees and hoodies out there, but we wanted to make the site even better for you all.

Beyond all the aesthetic bells and whistles, it’s now even easier to browse through all our designs – and order them too, using our new PayPal system. And all the information you need – about your orders, our designs, our company and what we’re up to next – is all at your fingertips. You can reply to our blog posts now too – as well as our Facebook and Twitter channels! – and we’ve joined up all the dots to make our growing community even stronger.

There might be a few teething problems in the next couple of weeks, but do please email us if you have any problems – or notice any issues – with the site.

There are some bargains to be had too, with huge reductions on lots of our designs across the range  – have a look and see what you can find!

We hope you love our new site – we’ve tried to make it as easy and fun to use as possible and we’re hoping to launch some new designs on it very soon!


  1. Loving the new website, really well laid out and making the most of the products, which you dont have to hunt around for. I also like the social media integration, I think this is important for your audience who are the “digital natives” who permanently connected to these networks. Keep it up, I’ve already spotted a Birthday present for my 11 year old son…

  2. Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the new look site. Not that its bad just I loved the design of the ‘old’ site but lots of great features! and great products as always.