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A New Generation of Gaming Shows

There are many questions we all regualrly ask ourselves. Why are we here? What does it all mean? And why aren’t there amazing TV shows about videogames? Well, we’ll save the meaning of life for another day – videogame shows are much more important!

Our friends over at Explosive Alan Productions are putting together a new show – codenamed Project Possum. Explosive Alan is formed from most of the team responsible for the award-winning Inside Xbox, so they really know their onions. They also have a ready-made community behind them and a huge bag full of awesome ideas. All they need is some backing to get the project in motion. That’s where YOU come in…

You can support this new show from the ground floor and, along with a lot of other fantastic perks, you can also get your mitts on an incredible, exclusive Insert Coin tee!

So if you want to see high quality, gaming shows back on your tellybox check out this link for all the details. Remember, for $30 you get to help shape a new generation of videogame show AND you will also receive a truly epic Project Possum tee into the bargain!

It’s time to get your geek on and get involved…