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Do you feel lucky? Well, do you, punk? No really… do you feel lucky? Because one cheeky so-and-so is about to grab themselves a truly awesome bundle of gaming goodness!

As you probably already know, we offered everyone at the Eurogamer Expo 2012 the opportunity to get their mitts on the very first prototype ‘Tomahawk’ hoodie – the official hoodie for ACIII – along with a whole stack of games, gadgets and geekery, including more than 20 games, limited edition trinkets and money-can’t-buy awesomeness. All you needed to do was hold on to your lucky ticket… until now.

And we’re pleased to announce that the winning number is 0850 – BUT EVEN IF THAT’S NOT YOUR NUMBER, PLEASE DO NOT THROW YOUR TICKET AWAY FOR NOW, JUST IN CASE!

So, what next? Well, if you have the winning number, let us know as soon as possible – you can send us a picture of your ticket here, and/or post it up on our Twitter or Facebook feeds. Or all of them if if you’re feeling particularly excited!

Once you’ve claimed your prize, you’ll need to send us back your winning ticket (we highly recommend using a recorded / signed-for delivery service – just in case) and then we’ll send you your new hoodie… AND your huge pile of gaming awesomeness of course!

And here’s why YOU NEED TO KEEP YOUR TICKET FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS AT LEAST! If no one claims the prize in that time, we’ll redraw and find a new winner and a new number – and we’ll keep doing that until the prize is claimed… so don’t go throwing away your only chance of winning just yet!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered – we hope to announce the winner very soon!

And remember, our official Assassin’s Creed range – the Tomahawk hoodie, Eagle Peak dressing gown, Aquila tee and Frontier gloves will be available for preorder from mid-October and will go on sale a few weeks later… keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for all the details!