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We’ve got loads of preorders live now on Insert Coin – with a tonne of epic new designs set to start shipping before the festive holidays! Here’s our latest update on what’s in the pipeline and when they’ll start flying out to their new homes…

Tomahawk hoodie
This exclusive new Assassin’s Creed hoodie – complete with hand-finished eagle peak – is set to start shipping mid-November.

Eagle Peak dressing gown
Another way to show off your Assassin credentials in style, this super luxurious hooded robe is set to start shipping in mid-late November.

Frontier gaming gloves
These exclusive gloves – with missing thumb and index finger for use on touchscreens and gamepads – are all being handmade and will ship as soon as possible… we’ll have proper photos of them soon too!

Aquila tee
The ultimate way to show your mad naval skillz, our official ACIII tee will start shipping in mid-late November.

Earnhardt Alternative Therapies tee
Get some early treatment ready for the launch of Far Cry 3, with this new official tee set to launch in mid-late November.

Rook Islands tee
Grab a slice of the action before Far Cry 3 comes out with this new official tee, due to go live in mid-late November.

Hitomi College hoodie
Are you a fighter? Our awesome Dead or Alive hoodie will start shipping in mid-late November – the detailed cuffs were a lot more complicated than we originally thought!

ยกViva King! tee
RAWR! If you’re ready to rumble, we are too! Our exclusive and unmistakable Tekken tee will start shipping in mid-late November.

BSAA SOU button-thru shirt
Our iconic western-style Resident Evil shirt will be ready to ship very soon – we’re hoping to start shipping in mid-late November.

SEGA Mega Drive bag
Our exclusive Mega Drive bags are now ready to preorder and will start shipping in mid-November… all together now, “SEGA!”

SEGA Dreamcast bag
Our official Dreamcast bags are now ready for preorder too and will start shipping very soon, although slightly after the Mega Drive bags go live.


  1. After the releace of Halo 4, please please please releace some Cool clothing …. I beg you.

  2. Can you please let me know or put some more pic’s up if there’s any logos on the back of the new Assassin hoodies.

    1. Hi Mark – you can find loads of pics on the product page now… preorders are live and it starts shipping next week ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I know the dressing gowns are a limited run, but any idea how long the run will last/ sell out? I really want the dressing gown but I’m not going to have the pennies until January >.< Darn christmas ๐Ÿ™

  4. i definitely want the tomahawk hoodie but im worried about ordering sizes online because generally every place is different. i generally wear mediums, should i stick with that?

    1. Hi Kevin! It’s difficult to say as everyone likes to wear hoodies slightly differently, but it’s best to check out our sizing guide first to see how that measures up. You might want to go up a size as the hoodies are fitted – but you can always exchange an item if you need to swap sizes, Check out our FAQ/Returns pages for more details ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Shipping to the US normally takes 5-10 working days… although it can take a little longer if the item is held up in customs ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Really quick what day specifically is this shipping? Im waiting in anticipation for it xD