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We’re huge fans of the Devil May Cry franchise at Insert Coin Towers and we’re proud to have worked with Capcom on designs inspired by the original series in the past – including Devil Never Cry and Ebony & Ivory. That’s why we’re especially excited to announce our new range, inspired by the all-new game DmC that launched earlier this year…

Rebellion hoodie
Inspired by Dante’s iconic look, our new hoodie features his sword Rebellion stitched on the back to reflect his instantly recognisable tattoo. There’s also stitched detail on the sleeve and a stripe down the hood itself, to echo Dante’s trademark jacket.

Son of Sparda dressing gown
Prefer lounging around to fighting demons? Well, even nephilim need some time off right? This awesome new dressing gown is designed to reflect the style of Dante’s jacket, but with a lot more comfort built in…

Virility tee
Mmmm, delicious! You can’t beat a fizzy drink with a mysterious secret ingredient- because it’s got to be something amazing hasn’t it? Like fairy dust or LOVE?! This new tee celebrates the taste of awesomeness…

Raptor News Network tee
100% news, 100% of the time – the Raptor News Network have you got covered if you want the latest headlines fired directly into your brain from a news cannon! There might even be some facts in there too if you’re lucky! This new tee focuses on RNN – and the good work of the legendary Bob Barbas…

Our new DmC designs will be going live in the coming weeks – keep ’em peeled for more news very soon!


        1. Hi Mason! Not long – we’ve got loads of new ranges coming out at the moment, but they’re on their way. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for all the latest news 🙂

  1. Love the hoodie! The dressing gown would be that bit sweeter with the embroidered tattoo on the back. 🙂

    1. We did think about adding the tattoo on the back, but we wanted to keep it different to Rebellion… and to keep it a bit comfier as the dressing gown 🙂

  2. Will you be making any more non-alternate reality Devil May Cry related items, or restock the Ebony and Ivory hoodie?

  3. i want this hoodie ^_^
    hope i’ll be able to order it to be delivered to Russia >< ^^

  4. For the hoodie I feel like the hood should be more like Dante’s but that’s just me but other than that I love it

  5. wow…i need this, my eyes will be glued to the computer so i can order right away. AMAZING!

    1. Hi Leo! Sure, our ‘Rebellion’ hoodie is set to go live in a couple of months – it will be available exclusively on our website, We’ll be making announcements on releases etc on this blog and our Facebook and Twitter channels. Hope that helps 🙂

  6. C’mon, guys! I’m practically foaming at the mouth for that DmC Rebellion hoodie! Put it up for sale so I can throw my money at you already!

  7. I have been stalking this site for months waiting for the DmC merchandise lol! I’m really looking forward to them especially the robe hehe<3 I hope they will come out soon

  8. Any way of getting a notification of when that hoodie goes on preorder? Or do I have to keep checking in?
    I’d hate to miss out on it after waiting for so long!

    1. Hi Thomas! The best place to be is following us on Twitter and/or Facebook – that’s where you’ll hear the news first 🙂

    1. Hi Earl! No plans at the moment – but you never know. As always, we recommend picking up what you want asap to avoid disappointment 🙂

      1. I haven’t seen these until now! hopefully you guys plan for it to return because I want to purchase the jacket super badly!