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We are very proud to announce that we are working with those awesome folk at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Naughty Dog on a range of tees inspired by the sensational ‘The Last of Us’.

We’ve brought together an awesome set of designs, including tees, shirts, vests and hoodies – the perfect styling for the end of the world…

It’s the end of the world, but do you have the skills you need to survive? Well, never fear – sign up to Ellie’s Survival School and you’ll be fine! Whether it’s pitching the perfect distraction or crafting a makeshift weapon, she can teach you everything you need to know…

OK, the world is falling down around you, but there’s always time to catch a movie, right? Dawn of the Wolf is a modern classic in the world of Joel and Ellie and we don’t know about you, but we definitely want to get tickets right now…

JOEL shirt
The end of the world might be a grim place, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look awesome! This slick shirt is styled after the one Joel wears on his adventures, and is perfect whether you’re playing games, at work or ridding the world of the infected…

ELLIE vest top and tee
Ellie isn’t just an inspiring survivor, she’s also got an eye for a bit of awesome design. Inspired by her iconic outfit, this vest top and tee are an epic addition to our collection – and wearing it shows you definitely mean business…

The Fireflies are a bit of an elusive group – but they’ve definitely got a big part to play in the lives of Joel and Ellie. This awesome hoodie features their simple but instantly recognisable insignia, with stitched detailing on the sleeve too…

We’ll be revealing images of this new range very soon, so keep ’em peeled for lots more details in the coming weeks…


  1. This is the most awesome thing I’ve seen since…..ever. Any hints on when this’ll be out please?

  2. i definitely want that ellie shirt since it is so raw cute/awesome/amazing/inspiring. kinda impatient for it now lol

    1. I have one already, the XL size. And i have the autographs on it, of all the the individuals that worked on the game.

      1. Ahh, that’s awesome – you mean the promo Ellie tee from E3? This is a completely new one, colour-matched to the in-game character models 😀

  3. Hi. I’ve recently be searching around, and I noticed nobody is really selling versions of Ellie’s sweater in fall. It is purple pink and brown. Maybe you guys could be the first to endorse this! Please reply when you have time. I would like to order this. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jaz! We will probably add more designs in the future – but the best way to make it happen is to support the first range as much as possible. We will then be able to add even more new designs to our line-up 🙂

    2. I’d definitely be buying one too! I’ve been looking everywhere, and I’ve found nothing.

  4. Oh god I totally want Joel’s shir!. Loved it since the first trailer.
    Hope it’s coming soon

    1. We’re always looking at new deals, so there might be something in the pipeline… and all three tees will be eligible for our 3-for-2 deal 🙂

  5. I think a ‘Savage Starlight’ design would be pretty awesome. But I will definitely be purchasing the Joel shirt when it’s out!

    1. We’d love to expand the range in the future and we have a LOT of ideas too… so you never know, if these are popular you could see a whole lot more!

    1. Absolutely – the Ellie tee will be in our regular ‘guys’ cut tee, as well as our new girly vest top style.

  6. Hi, when you pre-order is the payment made straight away or when the item has been dispatched? It’s been a while since I’ve pre-ordered with you and it would be handy if we had the option to pre-pay in advance. Cant wait for The Last of Us and Silent Hill gear 🙂

    1. Hi Richard! With our preorders, payment is made once your order is placed to secure the item and then we always aim to start shipping as soon as possible once production is complete. Normally this is around 3-6 weeks, dependent on the range. We’re hoping both the TLOU and Silent Hill ranges will go live for preorder in about 3 weeks time… hope that helps!

    1. We don’t tend to put logos on tees as that’s not our style, but we’re looking forward to working with Naughty Dog – and the whole PlayStation family – a lot more in the future 🙂

  7. About Joel’s shirt, I was curious if it’s going to be a real button up shirt or just a design printed on a long-sleeve shirt?

    1. It’s absolutely a 100% real, button-through shirt. As with all our products, we’ve created everything from scratch – even the material for the shirt itself… it’s a proper Joel shirt, just like he wears in game!

        1. Hi Ben! For the shirt? Sounds about right, definitely – all prices will be very similar to products already in our store 🙂

  8. awesome! this is just what I have been looking for. I am looking forward to the line coming out!

  9. Awesome, I want Joel shirt look amazing , and the Fireflies Hoodie is perfect style for this winter

    1. We’re hoping to set the TLOU range live for preorders in about three weeks – keep an eye on our Facebook and/or Twitter feeds for all the latest updates.

  10. this stuff is awesome, You should definitely make Joel and Ellie’s rucksacks too, do you do any uncharted stuff? 😀

    1. You never know for the future – if these designs prove popular, we might add new lines! Not sure if the rucksacks would include hooks to hang your melee weapons though 😉

      And nothing Uncharted to announce yet – but we’re huge fans of the franchise at Insert Coin Towers and we’d love to work with ND on something, certainly!

  11. I absolutely want Joel’s shirt. Question, though… I’m a rather big fellow, and just want to make sure it’ll be available in the larger sizes.

    1. Hi Tiffany! All prices will be similar to the products already on our store – so tees £22 (and part of our 3-for-2), vests £22, shirts £30 and hoodies £40… hope that helps!

    1. Hi Pablo! We ship internationally – check the ‘UK & International Deliveries’ tab on our website for details. Hope that helps 🙂

  12. I absolutely MUST have the Ellie shirt! It almost makes me angry how cool it is, I’ve been chewing on my pillow all day in frustration.

    1. We’re always adding new product lines – so if this first range is well received then we certainly have lots of new ideas for phase two 🙂

  13. I can’t wait for the pre-orders to start! I would like to see more Ellie designs in the future though.

    1. Hi Ryan! Preorders should start in about three weeks or so. As for more Ellie designs, well there are three at launch… but there could definitely be more in the future 🙂

  14. Hey can’t wait for the gear it looks sweet, any chance there is an email list or something that we can put ourselves on to be notified when we are able to pre order?

    1. Hi Kieran! The best thing to do is to join our Facebook and/or Twitter communities – that way you’ll be first to know when they go live 🙂

    1. Hi Nicky! Our TLOU products will be priced similarly to those already on our site – so around £22 for tees (and in our 3-for-2 too of course), £30 for shirts, £40 for hoodies… hope that helps 🙂

      1. Thanks! Sorry for all the questions, but will any of the T’s be exclusively for guys/girls?

        1. Most of our products are unisex – even if they’re listed as ‘guys’ tees, we still get a lot of girls buying them. Many just buy a size down and the fit is just as good 🙂

          The vest above is a ‘girls only’ line, but there is a tee equivalent too of course.

          For info, check out the current products on our site – hoodies, shirts etc are all unisex.

  15. are the materials going to be of a good quality? as in if I bought a shirt at Next or Top man would it be the same?

    1. MUCH BETTER! We always make all our products from scratch – including the material for Joel’s shirt – so they will be built to last 🙂

  16. Have you considered having multiple colour options for the firefly hoodie? I love TLOU but I’m not a fan of olive green.

    1. We always consider loads of colours when making every product and army green is the best fit for the Fireflies – plus it suits everyone 🙂

  17. I was hoping to find a “Sadie’s lakeside snake bar” tee, for my daughter Sadie how loves this game as much as I do.

    1. Hi Paul! Well, you never know for the future – if these designs prove popular, we will almost certainly add more designs!

  18. These shirts look amazing. Joel’s shirt is on point! Will I be able to buy these in the United States?

    1. Hi Marlon! We ship worldwide – you can find all the details on the UK & International Deliveries page on our website 🙂

  19. Hi guys! First, kudos on making this range!
    Secondly, just wondering if the t-shirts, specifically the Ellie replica, are gonna only be men’s tees, or if they’ll be avaliable in girly-fit when you open the pre-orders.

    1. Hi Jeanne – and thanks! Our Ellie tee will be on our regular ‘guys’ fit, but these are unisex and universal. In addition, we’re also making the design in an exclusive vest too… hope that helps 🙂

  20. Wow! This looks awesome, I’m very excited about the Joel’s shirt, it looks so damn cool… I’m surely gonna get it

  21. Just thought I’d get this out there – Uncharted Clothing – Nathan Drake Range

    That’d be a dream come true!

    On another note, just a suggestion – it’d be nice if the site allowed clothes to be viewed by Game as well as clothing type, as a category, so people can see all items by what game it relates to.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Well, you never know – we do love Uncharted! 🙂 Also, you can search by game if you fancy – just type in a game in the search box and the site will do the rest 😀

  22. Hey, is there an estimated date for the pre-orders yet? I’m really excited to buy Joel’s shirt.

    1. Hi Liam! There’s no official ETA yet, but we’re aiming to get them online asap – best to follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest news 🙂

  23. These look great! We will be preordering a bunch! And I second the uncharted Nathan drake line…that would be a brilliant idea.

    1. Hopefully they’ll be available very soon – follow us on Twitter or Facebook for all the latest news and info 🙂

  24. Will they be available a limited time. If yes, how fast do I need to be cause I really want these amazing clothes.

    1. Hi there! There won’t be available for a limited time, but are produced in limited numbers and we always recommend picking them up asap. To get the latest news, follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter 🙂

  25. Will you guys have a small for Joel’s shirt ? and when are pre orders up because I am very interested in buying

    1. Hi Ryan! Absolutely – you seen shirt sizes on the Sizing page on our site. Preorders are set to launch next week – as always, we recommend following us on Twitter / Facebook for all the latest info 🙂

        1. Hi Ryan! Simply search for ‘Insert Coin Clothing’ on Facebook or click the Facebook link on the right hand side of this page 🙂

    1. Hi Sean! Preorders should go live next week… and we’ve only announced one other range, inspired by PaRappa the Rapper, so far… but more are on the way!

  26. Definitely ordering Joel’s shirt next week. Just got myself a replica of his backpack so this is perfect 😀

  27. Hi!
    Are the tshirts out yet?
    I’ve kept this page on my tab for a while, and I’m not sure where to look if they are out now ! :3

  28. I’ve already pre ordered TLOU’s “Joel shirt”
    Never wanted something this bad, ever!!!
    can you give me an ideal time when it may start shipping??
    2-3 weeks??
    this site is awesome! I followed you guys on Facebook too!
    thanks, Dan.

  29. I was just curious if you had any measurements for the medium vs the large? I want to buy two of Joel’s shirt, one for a costume and the other just to wear! But sometimes mediums can be too tight, while sometimes larges can be way too baggy. Can you let me know how the shirts run and I’ll happily order! Thank you!

    1. Hi there! Shipping times vary, but you can find out more on the UK & International Deliveries page on our site. The Ellie tee is very popular, so if you’re waiting for a restock, it will be a couple of weeks away from completion 🙂

  30. $63 US dollars for a non name brand shirt that people are going to have to trash and get dirty just to look authentic for a cosplay?!?!

    1. It is a brand name – it’s Insert Coin. Made from scratch from the cotton flower up – by us, exclusively for us. You can’t get it anywhere else and it’s the ONLY brand name to trust when it comes to epic videogame gear. And if you’re a REAL cosplayer, then making it is half the fun – we make the gear that you can wear every day, it is down to cosplayers to transform it, if they want to 🙂