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AVAST! We are very proud to announce that we are creating a range of awesome new designs for the upcoming piratical adventure – Assassin’s Creed® IV: Black Flag™.

There are loads of amazing new product lines incoming – including a leather-style jacket, an asymmetric hoodie and gloves that can hold a pass card, enabling you to use them with just a swipe of your hand! Check out everything we’ve got lined up below…

CREED jacket
From the dawn of time to the near future, Assassins have protected us from evil – and they’ve always looked awesome! The ultimate in Assassin style, this unique jacket is made in faux leather and includes subtle stitched detailing.

KENWAY asymmetric hoodie
With piratical grace and elegance, it is only fitting that Edward Kenway has inspired such a distinctive asymmetric hoodie, with an iconic embroidered skull on the shoulder and a winged assassin motif on the back.

BLACK FLAG swipe-pass gloves
Assassins are known for their style – combining function, form and innovation in all they do.
These fingerless gloves provide dexterity combined with warmth and include a unique pocket. When used with contactless cards, this allows you to scan through travel and security systems with just a wave of your hand.

Fancy a holiday somewhere exciting? How about New Providence – aka the republic of pirates? This tee celebrates the island’s place in history, complete with Jackdaw!

JACKDAW button-thru shirt
The Jackdaw’s more than just a ship – it is an integral character in Assassin’s Creed® IV Black Flag™. This simple, stylish shirt celebrates the Jackdaw’s role, with winged Assassin’s crest detailing.

ABSTERGO polo shirt
When it comes to international mega-corporations, Abstergo is definitely the name you can trust, with an animus in every home. Time to load up this simple, stylish polo shirt, complete with stitched logo to the chest.

From the crusades to the renaissance, revolutions to the high seas – the Animus is at the heart of Assassin’s Creed®. Now you can represent the technology in style, with this sleek hoodie, complete with stitched detail.

We’re hoping to get more pics online very soon – and start preorders in time for the game’s launch later in the year. Keep ’em peeled for more details very soon…


    1. Hi Sunny! The Kenway will be around the same price as our Tomahawk, while the Animus hoodie will be around the price of our Monteriggioni 😀

  1. Ah Insert Coin, how you make money come out of my wallet so easily 😛
    I know it is early days but any sort of ETA on the Kenway? I kind of wanna wear it to EuroGamer 🙂

  2. The Gloves and Hoodie look fantastic, will they be up for pre order anytime soon because I would love to have them

    1. Hi Aido! Thanks, we’re hoping to start preorders soon, in time for the game launch. Best to follow us on Facebook/Twitter for all the latest 🙂

  3. when will these items be available? and will they be available for purchase in the UK?

    1. Hi Zac! We’ve got no official ETA for preorders starting, but the target is prior to the game launch. And we’re based in the UK – so YES 🙂

  4. Good lordy – if I’m any judge, you should think of a number of Kenway hoodies to make. And then double it. Because you’ll still sell out of them superquicktime.

    That’s the best hoodie yet!

  5. Sweet! The creed jacket and all the last of us merch are really going to break the bank. Do you have an estimated price for the creed jacket? If you do that would be awsome.

    1. There are no estimated prices yet, but the Creed jacket is definitely our most complicated and intricate addition to our line-up yet… one thing we do know though is that it will be worth every penny 🙂

  6. Will the Kenway hoodie be available in more colours than the white/grey, like your other AC hoodies?

    1. Hi Jon! There are no plans to make the Kenway in other colours – only our original Monteriggioni had multiple colourways 🙂

      1. Wooo!!! Dont suppose you have any pictures yet?? Need to decide which one I pre-order the boyfriend for Christmas!