By in General, Silent Hill


Following their initial sell-out run, we are excited to confirm preorders for our official Sunderland jacket are now open once again – exclusively on the IC store.

The first run of jackets sold out in just a few hours and, as always, we recommend picking yours up as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Remember that our range of Silent Hill tees is also available now too – with immediate shipping – and all three can be ordered as part of our epic 3-for-2 t-shirt deal.

We will also be adding more brand new ranges to our store in the next few weeks – keep ’em peeled for details very soon…


  1. I was planning on purchasing one of the
    James Sunderland jackets. My question
    was what size should I purchase? I’m about
    6’2 and pretty skinny. So if I were to purchase
    the medium size,would it be proportionate to
    my heighth?

    1. Hi there! You can find the measurements on our sizing page – if you compare something you already own with the specs, you should be golden 🙂

  2. So,I had another question about the ordering.
    I’m just now setting up an account and when
    I go to place my order,it says that my date of
    birth is incorrect and it won’t let me complete
    my transaction. Why is that?

    1. Hi Steven! It’s possibly because you’re entering your date of birth in US rather than international format – try day / month / year and see if that works 🙂

  3. Does payment go through as soon as you click pay now or when the preorder is fulfilled?

  4. Hello Dan,
    I would like to know when the James Sunderland Jacket would be availlable ? I’ve paid already the jacket ! 🙂 Thanks for your answer. (sorry I speak better french…) Damien

    1. No problem at all! The preorders are open now, and as soon as production is complete, we’ll put them in stock and start shipping… the current ETA is for them to all ship in February 🙂

  5. Any word on when the PaRappa beanie will be available? Feels like it got announced ages ago.

  6. I wanted to write a short review if that’s okay!
    Just to say this jacket is amazing and I really recommend it to anyone thinking of picking it up!

    I at first chose the S, but swapped it for an M so be sure to choose something a little bigger than your usual clothing as it’s very close fitting around the shoulders and arms, not a problem but keep in mind 🙂

    The details and quality are superb, for the price you get something that feels so authentic it’s like you pulled it out of the game!

    In short, you can put your trust into getting some great clothing from here. Next I hope to pick up a Leon or Wesker shirt, can’t decide between them xD