1. How about some subtle Animal Crossing? Or Katamari….

    Also, the Parappa beanie! Been waiting so long!

  2. How about some Diablo, Uncharted, Beyond Two Souls, Metal Gear Rising, Left 4 Dead, Deus Ex, Remember Me, Tekken, Scott Pilgrim, Tomb Raider, Infamous, Catherine and/or Persona?

    For some real throwbacks, you guys should consider Golden Axe, Guilty Gear, Power Stone, Rival Schools, Viewtiful Joe, Bust a Groove, Gunstar Heroes, Crash Bandicoot or Intelligent Cube.

    1. Ooh, plenty there – Remember Me, Tekken and Golden Axe are already on the site… make sure you pick ’em up fast 🙂

  3. If you could pull off Rayman then damn! Go for it! Hows about the Prince of Persia? Or Uncharted?! So many games… I’m surprised Titanfall hasn’t popped up here yet…

  4. would like to see some metal gear solid or castlevania, but maybe infamous second son? like a beanie hat or delsin’s jacket would be pretty cool

  5. Cannot wait for the Saints Row range. Do you have an ETA for when they’ll be available to purchase? Loving the Fable designs you’ve added to the store as well. Keep it up.