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We are very proud to announce we are working with the fine folks at Ubisoft on a new range inspired by Assassin’s Creed Unity – and the best news is THE PEAK IS BACK!

Yes, our ACU range includes a new hoodie – the Arno, available in two colours – and it has our trademark ‘assassin’ peak on the hood.

In addition, there are two new t-shirts – including a limited edition design only available at EGX – and three new accessories, including a beanie hat, scarf and gloves.

So let’s take a closer look at the range…

ARNO hoodie (available in blue and red)
THE PEAK IS BACK! Arno is the new hero of the Assassin’s Creed universe and this new hoodie showcases his unique style – complete with peaked hood. Available in two colours – a midnight blue and rich red – this hoodie is a must-have for AC fans!

For the first time ever, we are making an exclusive t-shirt for a show – with a limited number of this design only available at EGX 2014!  This 3/4 length sleeve tee features Arno’s favourite weapon, so make sure you grab yours at our EGX store while stocks last!

paris parkourPARIS PARKOUR tee (available in guys and girly cut)
At the height of the glorious revolution, Paris is yours for the taking – and the rooftops are your playground. This sleek tee celebrates the power and grace of the Assassin’s Order. And, for the first time, we’re launching this design in our guys tee and our new ‘boyfriend’ cut girly tee too!

scarfLIBERTÉ scarf
Inspired by Arno’s own neckwear, this ultra comfy scarf is perfect for keeping you warm – and showing those pesky Templars who is boss, with an Assassin’s logo tagged at one end…

ÉGALITÉ beanie hat
When it’s too cold for even the warmest of peaked hoods, we’ve created a Tricolour-inspired beanie hat, complete with tagged Assassin’s logo…

gloves 2
Rounding out our trio of must-have Assassin’s accessories are our ‘brotherhood’ gloves, with stitched in order logo and, for the first time, full fingers…

We’re expecting these designs to land later in the year – with the Phantom blade tee set to be available exclusively at EGX 2014 next week! Keep ’em peeled for more details very soon…


    1. The Arno is a pullover hoodie – we’ve done zip-thrus over the last few AC ranges, so we’re going back to the old-school lines of the Monteriggioni 🙂

  1. I know you’ve said the phantom blade shirt is first come first serve, but do you think you guys will have any by the Saturday?

    1. To be honest, we don’t know! There’s only a limited number and it depends how quickly they sell out – as always we advise hitting our store asap to avoid disappointment! 🙂

  2. On the Arno hoodie. Is it going to have a drop point on the hood or is it going to be like Kenway where it is just a standard hoodie?

    1. Hi Ben! As with pic and description above, the ARNO will have the peak once again. Edward Kenway didn’t rock a peak at all, which is why the hoodie named after him didn’t have one – instead it was an asymmetric cut to match his nautical styling 🙂