By in General, SpecialEffect



While we were at EGX we asked some of gaming’s great and good to sign a Super Sheep hoodie – and now we’re donating it to SpecialEffect!

Over the coming days, the SE team are auctioning off the hoodie,  autographed by a stack of videogame heroes, including…

– Graham Linehan (Father Ted, The IT Crowd, Black Books)
– Peter Serafinowicz (Guardians of the Galaxy, Spaced)
– Gav Murphy (Eurogamer)
– Dan Seto (Square Enix)
– Chin Soon Sun (Koei Tecmo)
– Syndicate (YouTube)
– Marilena Papacosta (Koei Tecmo)
– Dan Sheridan (EA)
– Stephanie Ford (Lionhead)
– Julia Hardy (Sky News)
– Ted Timmins (formerly of Lionhead)
– Bethany Aston (Team 17)
– Mike Bithell (Thomas Was Alone, Volume)
– Aurore Dimopoulos (Cosplayer)
– Paul ‘Sjin’ Sykes (Yogscast)
– Andy Farrant (Outside Xbox)
– Neil Gorton (Capcom)
– Lucy Collett (Model and Games Journalist)
– Colette Barr (Lick PR)
– Sam ‘Strippin’ Thorne (Yogscast)
– Sarah Wellock (Sony XDEV)
– Stacey Rebecca (Cosplayer)
– Dan Maher (Explosive Alan)
– Lucy James (Gamespot)
– Laura Sindall (Cosplayer)
– Martyn ‘InTheLittlewood’ Littlewood (Yogscast)
– Jane Douglas (Outside Xbox)
– Mike Channell (Outside Xbox)
– Hollie Bennett (Playstation Access)
– Yasmin ‘Yammy’ Uddin (YouTube)

Best of all, you can bid in the auction right here.

Meanwhile, make sure you follow SpecialEffect on Facebook and Twitter stream for all their latest news – and spread the word about this amazing charity!