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Over the last few weeks we’ve been busy making loads of new designs, and we’re now starting to ship them out – while we finish up making the last few preorder items. The products we’re currently processing preorders for include…

– inFAMOUS hoodies, beanies, jackets and Bundles
– Shenmue jackets
– Tearaway beanies and Bundles
– Sonic the Hedgehog dresses
– Sonic the Hedgehog tees and Bundles
– Jet Set Radio tees
– TLOU tees, including Ellie reprints, new designs and Bundles
– PlayStation bags
– Watch_Dogs tees and Bundles
– Pac-Man leggings
– MSF and XOF tees from our MGS range
– Assassin’s Creed hoodies and tees

We’ll be processing all preorders on a first placed, first shipped basis.

There are only a handful of items now left on preorder on the site, including our brand new Assassin’s Creed scarf, our PaRappa beanie and our reprinted STARS and Fox tees – and allocation for these is filling up fast!

These last few designs are all now in our priority production run (alongside a secret new range to be announced on Monday) and will be ready as soon as possible. Thanks so much for bearing with us while we dealt with unprecedented demand… we’re hoping to have everything shipping and in stock very soon indeed.

You may have noticed some items have been disappearing from our store over the last couple of days too – this is only temporary while we make sure all preorders are accounted for and processed as quickly as possible. Don’t worry, they’ll all be back online very soon and, as always, we’re recommending that if there is something you want, grab it while stocks last!

Keep ’em peeled for more updates – we’ll have more information soon and remember to hit to make sure you don’t miss out…