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Are you planning on entering our 2015 Photo Comp? We’ve been speaking to some experts in cosplay and photography – as well as entrants and winners in our previous competitions – to get their views on what makes an AWESOME photo…

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Stacey Rebecca
Cosplayer, Photo Competition Entrant 2012
The perfect photo for me is unique, creative, with a bit of silliness thrown in for good measure. I love seeing people rocking their gear in awesomely appropriate locations with some flair and a spark of originality – extra points from me for sweet in-game references. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Colette Barr
I always think this competition sounds like awesome fun, so I was inspired to head out and take some photos of my own with the help of my close friend Ace! We chose a location that we felt fitted with the theme of the game. We decided to go for a more ‘inspired by’ shoot, rather than trying to re-enact a character from The Last Of Us. We had a lot of fun creating these photos, and that’s how it should be when it comes to entering this competition.

Ace Ashun
Incorporate the character your clothing represents. If you were in this game, how would your character act right now? Mix it up and add a bit of your own personality into your poses. Be creative and exciting and – most importantly, have fun!

Jon Brady
IC Photo Competition Winner 2012
In order to take a half-decent photo, you need a couple of things: you need a good composition and you need to be a good subject! Composition boils down to your location and even the time of day, as not everyone has a set of studio-quality lighting sitting about. Whether it’s a nice bit of architecture for Assassin’s Creed – and it doesn’t have to be a rooftop, I won with a shoulder-height wall – or a shower of homemade origami for a Tearaway shot, think about the game you’re posing for and embrace that! A sunny day doesn’t hurt either. As for yourself, try a few poses out. Relax, smile, throw a pose that stands for the fun you have with these games. And, importantly: be careful, take care, and have fun!

Lucy Kinch
IC Photo Competition Winner 2014
The easiest part of the photo was deciding what clothing to wear, the hardest part was working out the best way to advertise it. Once I figured out what I wanted to do for the photo, I went off to try and find the perfect background. Don’t be disheartened you can’t find the best setting – I tried three places until I finally found the one I used for my entry. It’s important that the setting works well and that your photo stands out, so don’t be afraid to take loads of different pictures with different backgrounds, poses etc. and then sort through them later. I had a folder of about a dozen photos I picked from at the end of the day. Make it interesting, make it unique, and have fun taking it!

Feeling inspired? If you fancy entering our photo competition, head over to our recent blog post for all the latest information – and good luck!