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We are hugely proud to announce the launch of a very special new range celebrating Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Our Official Metal Gear Solid 1984 Collection is available to preorder NOW, exclusive on our MGS store – and celebrates the incoming game in style, drawing on the fashion trends of the decade, combined with the unmistakable iconography of the Metal Gear Universe – specifically DIAMOND DOGS.

1984 was all electropop, action movies and huge hair – as well as a pivotal moment in the story of Metal Gear Solid.

Our new range of original designs brings it all together with sweaters, a retro-styled yoke tee, an all new girly-cut tee, and a varsity jacket…

Diamond Dogs sweater_girly lifestyle Diamond Dogs sweater_guys lifestyleDD84 SWEATER Slightly oversized for a relaxed retro-style fit, this sweatshirt is influenced by designs of the era and includes triple-ringers on the sleeves…

Diamond Dogs tee_guys lifestyle DD84 YOKE TEE With some serious 80s-styling, this official Diamond Dogs tee celebrates the setting for The Phantom Pain, complete with yoke and sleeve ringers…

Diamond Dogs tee_girly lifestyle 1
80s-styling fits this Metal Gear Solid range perfectly – which is why we have created an all-new girly tee, with an awesome off-the-shoulder cut…

Diamond Dogs varsity_guys lifestyleDiamond Dogs varsity_girly lifestyleDD84 VARSITY The ultimate combination of retro 80s fashion and Metal Gear Solid style, this sleek must-have jacket is based on our hugely popular varsity cut…

We were also hugely honoured to be asked by Konami to create the logo and text for The Official Metal Gear Solid 1984 Collection. That means EVERY single official piece of merchandise in the collection will have a little piece of Insert Coin magic.

And of course the best news is that this range is on our website, exclusively onΒ our Metal Gear Solid store – so get your geek on now while stocks last!


    1. Is there any way you can make a long sleeve shirt that has a small Diamond Dog emblem on the front and a large one on the back?? I have seen many on ebay but they are all in Japan..

      Also if you could make long and short sleeve shirts out of the shirts Under Armour is made of you will make a killing.. There is a 138 page thread on a forum and everyone wants that material and the front and back logo, I know it will be pricey but these are hardcore fans.. Try and have a few different color combos and make some long sleeve shirts out of cotton for people not wanting to spend so much.. Hope you all can pull this off..

      1. Hi there! We have a LOT of other ideas for more MGS designs – don’t worry, we know what is awesome πŸ˜‰

      1. Will there be another restock of the DD84 Varsity Jacket sometime soon? Looks amazing. Let me know, thanks.


        1. All designs are limited edition, so that particular jacket is disappearing forever – we hope to have some epic new MGS designs soon though πŸ˜€

  1. Have you stopped taking pre orders for the dd84 varsity jacket as I’ve signed up to let me know to preorder but have noticed it’s not on your website anymore.

  2. Would I have to order a custom size? I am 6’4 280… not very easy for me to find anything in my size. /:

    1. We don’t make custom sizes, but we do go up to 3XL in most designs – and our sweaters are oversized… check our sizing page for the best fit πŸ™‚

  3. hi i was wondering how long would it take to ship to los angeles if i order today…. i wanted the item before the 6th of may

    1. Should do – depends on local services and we recommend using the courier option if you REALLY need it fast πŸ™‚

  4. Hi! I’d like to know if the DD84 sweater will be back in stock because I can’t find it in the store. Thanks in advance!

    1. All items on our store are limited edition, and we don’t have any plans to make more of this design – although we WILL be adding more MGS designs in the future. We do occasionally make more of some items (you can see the respawn button on each product page), but there’s no guarantee and we always recommend ordering/preordering asap to avoid disappointment πŸ™‚