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We are very proud to announce that we are heading to Pandora for a very special new and official range – celebrating BORDERLANDS!

As huge fans of the franchise, we’re VERY excited about bringing the unique style of the games to the IC store – with jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, tees, leggings and more all in the pipeline.

We’re currently working on the first designs right now and we’re looking forward to showing you what we have lined up very soon. In the meantime, let us know what you think, and tell us what YOU would like to see in the space below…


  1. Couldn’t have picked a better IP to develop a line around next, have always been a little disappointed in the quality and character of the official gearbox merchandise. Paul Hellquist and his team packed Borderlands 2 with a high degree of quality, iconic designs that could really lend themselves well to a clothing line. You really can’t go wrong in my opinion, its an IP that really hasn’t had justice done to it, very excited to see what you come up with! You’ve probably thought of all these ages ago, but here are a few ideas:

    General design:
    For fitted clothes (Tees, leggins, etc.) perhaps something with the cell-shaping effect? For the general borderlands feel, this would also play to the distressed quality of pandora. Could be tricky, as to pull it off it would need to be a full garment print. But wearing a t-shirt or i imagine leggings made to look like it belongs in the borderlands cell-shaded universe sounds like a fun way to go for a piece or two.

    For the weapons manufacturers, a bit more effort could be made than just slapping the logo of the company on a tee, which is what everyone has done to this point. Something along the lines of a side print or sleeve/full or wrap print for the various manufacturers logos would be incredible. Maliwan, Torgue, and Jakobs are probably the most iconic and offer the most to work with on the design front. Can easily imagine a sleek Maliwan design replete with their logo and geometrics, a distressed and old-western one for Jakobs, and a bold, grungy Torgue logo or variant of some of his in-game marketing. Then there are the company logos such as Dahl, Hyperion and Atlas, which each had their own style and could be implemented much better than a logo printed on a cut-rate tee (which is all you will find out there).

    The characters are incredible but i’m not sure how they lend themselves to a clothing line. So many characters! One of the best character tees i have seen was the mass effect print with full body, slightly offset Shepard in ink with only the N7 logo and armor stripe in red as well as the omni-tool in glowing oranges. The screen prints they ran with the handsome collection were probably the best images of the characters i’ve seen, as far as ending up on a garment. And finally color! Lots to go around with the characters, and those screen prints on the right solid colored T-shirt or other garment would really stand out.

    References and deep-cuts:
    Fun designs might also be from the various in-game factions, various tribes, clans, groups, and secret organizations. Crimson lance is an obvious one. Perhaps the Hodunks, Scooters garage, anything from the DLC would all make excellent fodder for designs.

    1. Wow, well you’ve certainly thought about it – almost as much us 😉

      Seriously though, yup, all these things are things we’ve considered really. We may or may not go down the cel shaded route. It’s s nice idea, but in practice it doesn’t always work, and not for everyone’s shape or style. Likewise, we don’t do ‘character’ type tees as they’re not immersive in the gaming world – we want to take the experience deeper. But that doesn’t mean characters won’t be involved in some way.

      Rest assured, if you love Borderlands, you’ll love what we have planned 🙂

  2. Just looking around to see where I could find merchandise and this could not have come at a better time!
    Maybe some cell shaded shirts?? Or glow in the dark shirt with the siren design.
    Definitely some hoodies !! I’d love some zer0 or kreig stuff (they need some love!!)
    Maybe have some leggings with the logo on the side of the leg, like Hyperion or Torgue.
    Honestly I was so impressed with a hoodie I purchased from this site, and I know you guys would do a fantastic job on it !!