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Calling All Gears Of War Fans…

We are adding new products to our official Gears of War collection – and we need YOUR help… SERIOUSLY.

What new products would you like to see?

Which characters weapons or places would you like us to represent?

Whether you’re ready for RAAM or need more GNASHER, YOU can help shape our new range and get the gear you want.

And remember to check out our CURRENT range of awesome designs right now, while stocks last!

So what are you waiting for? Let us know NOW in the space below…


  1. Few Ideas

    Dark coloured zip hoodie with Delta Squad written on the back with a COG logo on the front.
    Dark coloured hoodie (normal or zip) with the Gears logo on the back.
    Hoodie with a logo etc on the sleeve similar to how your Firefly hoodies are.
    Gloves with the Gears logo in white on the outside (No card holder like previous gloves).
    Dressing gown.
    A Shirt with the COG logo and Locust logo similar to how one of your pokemon shirts are.

    Hope they help! 🙂

  2. Socks with each weapon on so people can show their favourite…mine being Torque Bow! Also some love for Dom and the Carmines is always good! Also an item of clothing with something to do with Cole’s rap would be awesome 🙂 There is so much you could do and I am so happy you’re doing Gears products now!

  3. Gloves, beenies and boxers

    Characters Locust Queen, Old man Marcus, Carmine family, Brumak, Anya, Berserker, Damon Baird, Dom (something with him sacrificing himself),

  4. The logo and something more. Maybe and gnasher and lancer to it. And for another shirt some black steel chacrters, beast rider would be cool or sniper and almost forgot kantus! Just don’t put too much for one shirt bc one a bit more detailed character or logo is way cooler than a lot of mess. Keep it simple!

  5. I was thinking make a shirt that has all the emblems for each faction like COG, Locust, Swarm, and the newer COG emblem in gears of war 4, and make them look like actual gears or sprockets spinning next to each other and the shirt can read at the top or bottom “The Gears of War never stop turning.”

  6. I would love to see more locust/swarm themed merchandise. Specifically general raam and high priest skorge. Also wings/re up merchandise would be cool like a wing 5 t-shirt or a diamond emblem logo

  7. Baird related gear.
    Cole related gear
    “Pro” type of stuff for the competitive scene

  8. The Z squad, Barrick, Valera, etc… and Pro Teams Skins for Lancer, Ronin, WorldBest, GhostGaming

  9. I’ve been a gears fan since the original in 2006. I’ve seen some of the past products all were good. I would like more GNASHER!!!, maybe some Raven Down appreciation, and more Carmine. Oh, Griffin too

  10. The Gnasher, Lancer, Hammerburst, Longshot, Boom Shot, Torque Bow, Buzzkill, Dropshot, Digger, Retro Lancer, Frag Grenade, Ink Grenade, Smoke Grenade and Incendiary Grenade, Breecshot, Markza, Booshka, Gorgon and Hammer of Dawn

    All Gears, Indies and Outsiders
    And all Locust, Lambent and Swarm

  11. Please can we get some kind of carmine gear like all three of them together or a Clayton tattoo shirt that would be amazing

  12. SandBar , thrashball , escalation maps from gears 3 and want onyx guard , thrashball Cole and drone please, more ketchup and potato

  13. To me, I would want the Carmine brothers on this merch. Seeing more of them. I would like to see all three of them, or four (including Gary). In a picture together. Or just the original three brothers. Either one, Grub Killer logo would be nice on a shirt or hoodie. But I would also like to see them all in solo individual t-shirts. I would definitely would love to see a Carmine hat! Saying “Grub Killer” or all three brothers together! I LOVE CARMINES! But I think you get what I’m saying. Of course the classic Blood omen hat! Or hoodie! Remember Mechanic Baird in Gears of War 3? I would like to see his hat in merch to! These are ideas now lol. Thanks for your concerns on our merch ideas. Can’t wait for the merch in the future!

  14. Drone Locust Lambent
    Granadier Locust Lambent
    Miner Locust Gold
    Hunter Locust Golf
    Berserker Locust.
    Mapa: Rio

  15. Bear your teeth trailer, Tai with benefits going to suicide prevention, Marcus sawing through a locust with the lancer, Hoffman giving Bernie a bouquet after the war, Marcus illustrated in all four games in four different vertical panels, Locust marching in the hollow, marcus chainsawing a swarm, Marcus stabbing a swarm drone in the head with doms knife, Marcus sitting against the JD tree like he did in ‘the last day’ I have more, you can hire me tomorrow.

  16. Please represent the Theron Elite, Theron Sentinel, Savage Theron, and Palace Guard. They would look great on any type of merchandise.

  17. Bring black steel classic barid. A lot of people are fans of him and you should put KOTH in competive playlist.

  18. A really hardcore idea are Hoodies with all the gears of war faction logos, would it be toughs, for example the COG logo in a dark blue color hoodie or a Blood red with the Swarm nightmare logo also a darkish red leather color with the logo of the Locust horde, would be bad a A Olive green hoodie with the logo of the UIR with the yellow lightnight in the middle, as well. Last but not least, a black and red hoodie with the Crimson Omen logo. NICE! (Marcus voice)

  19. We need more Carmine apparel! Also more subtle gnasher shirts and a gnasher hat would be clutch

  20. Id love to see a retro lancer on a shirt or hoodie. Or maybe the your mom’s a classy lady quote. Or shirts with fenix, cole baird and dom. And then jd and the new guys.

  21. -Anything with Carmine really
    – A Hoodie/Zip hoodie of the COG armor
    • and matching COG pants ect
    – Dizzy Cowboy Hat
    – Baird Goggles
    – 2Lancers having a chainsaw duel design

  22. Maybe a black varsity jacket with the Carmine’s logo behind and the Gears Of War’s logo in the chest and all the buttons with the same gear’s logo.

  23. I would love to see some items relating to Dizzy! And Betty of course. A replica of his trademark hat would be cool.

    A trying relating to the South Islanders like Bernie, Tai and Pad to include their tribal tattoos and individual style.

    Anything relating to the Carmines!

  24. Think it would be amazing if you did a tribute to Doms wife on a tshirt or hoody, anything to do with anya Stroud and/or dizzy 🙂

  25. Dizzy Wallin
    – Dizzy’s Cowboy Hat
    – Anything with Dizzy

    A full COG armor styled shirt

  26. Couple ideas:

    Dizzys Auto Shop shirt that has Betty on the front or an actual mechanics shirt with gears based logos

    Baird’s Computer Repair

    An awesome shirt would be a “Remember Aspho Fields” from the perspective of the UIR.

  27. I would love to see and would for sure purchase the following.

    – Berserker shirt (or boomer)
    – Kantus with Gorgon pistol shirt
    – Snub pistol shirt
    – Carmine brothers shirt (anthony, benjamin, clayton)

  28. The Marcus lancer tattoo on the back of a dark wash hoodie (deep hood) with cog tag zipper. That would be awesome!

  29. I would like to see a T-shirt that is a navy blue and it has all of the Carmine brothers and in big text it says “One Big Happy Family” below the picture.

  30. I’d like to see minimalistic everyday wear like stencils of gears characters, weapons, typography, logos. nothing too fancy, because that’s just not what gears is about. Nothing too colorfull. Probably some characters with some quotes just as “jeez, luise, what the f*ck?!” Or “can you hear that, was that your ear?” most of your designs are too fancy for my taste, that’s why I haven’t bought any till now.

  31. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a shirt or hoodie that is a nod to the fans of the novels. Marcus, Dom, Hoffman, Berine, Padrick Salton are all members of the most successful regiment of the COG. The 26th Royal Tyran Infantry. They have never been defeated to the point of retreat. They are know as “The Unvanquished”.
    They have immense pride for their fellow Gears and regiment squad mates. This would be a great way to unify all of us gamers under the same banner.

    Colors: Black, Gray, Navy, Olive

    26th RTI written on the cuff/sleeve of the shirt/hoodie.

    On the front where a “polo logo” would go is the Roman numerals of 26 which is XXIV (Berine’s armor in-game has this on her breastplate by the way)

    On the back is the words:

  32. A dropshot tshirt.
    Everyone you met in the game loves using that weapon

    Also the Seriously Emblem..Lets put that on a tshirt

  33. A flip hoodie and or t shirt of the entire carmine family one side all of them alive flip to the other side and it’ll shoe them dead/undead.

    And for fans of the locusts/swarm have a hoodie with every single time if locusts/swarm with queen myrah, RAAM and Skorge standing in the middle .

  34. More Carmine!!
    Maybe a hoodie/jacket with themes from the COG armour, similar to the Dead Space zip up with the health bar/logos and colours schemes representing Isaacs amour.
    Or a beanie styled after Marcus’ bandana.
    Or just more Carmine!!

  35. De vuelta a alicia valera y michael barric,
    También el skin de gear 3 llamado green liquid metal