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We are very proud to announce we are teaming up with Square Enix to mark the launch of Final Fantasy XVI, available exclusively on PS5 from 22nd June 2023.

For a limited time only, we will be adding a FREE Grand Duchy of Rosaria pin with EVERY qualifying order on – but only while stocks last. 

The pin celebrates the crest of The Grand Duchy of Rosaria – Clive’s home in Final Fantasy XVI. Long ago, a group of small independent provinces in western Valisthea found strength in unity and formed the Grand Duchy of Rosaria. After years of relative prosperity, the duchy now finds itself threatened by the spread of the Blight—a threat that, left unchecked, would doubtless usher the realm to ruin. Rosaria draws its aether from Drake’s Breath, a Mothercrystal situated on a volcanic island off the coast. The Dominant of the Phoenix, Eikon of Fire, is enthroned as Archduke when they come of age.

As always, this promotional pin is an exclusive design, available with qualifying orders only while stocks last. Qualifying orders must be placed between 12:00 UK on 15th June 2023 and 23:59 UK on 14th August 2023, and contain at least one physical product. Qualifying orders will list the free pin as part of the order confirmation. If stock of the promotional item runs out prematurely, we reserve the right to supply an alternative free pin in any affected qualifying orders. All promotional items MUST be included with any returns of purchased items, otherwise you may not be eligible for a full refund. 

Make sure you don’t miss out – get your official and FREE Grand Duchy of Rosaria pin while you can, exclusively when you order at

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