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SEGA: Reloaded Range – First Glimpse

We are very proud to give you a first glimpse of our SEGA: Reloaded range of designs, our new set of official licensed tees that celebrate some of the most iconic games ever made – including Shenmue, Jet Set Radio, Shinobi, Golden Axe and Streets of Rage!

Hazuki Tiger

This simple, stylised design is inspired by the iconic jacket worn by Ryo in Shenmue and will be available on both tees and hoodies… HEAR US ROAR! The hoodie version features all the details of the original jacket including stitched detail on the chest and arms.

Beat Tokyo-To

Want to rock it like a member of the GGs? This katakana-inspired design is a tribute to Beat’s classic yellow tee from the original Jet Set Radio…

Gum Tokyo-To

An awesome addition to our Jet Set Radio tribute, this is another katakana-inspired design honouring Gum’s sleek outfit from Jet Set Radio…

Musashi Ninja Magic

If you have a problem and no one else can help, who do you call? That’s right – one man killing machine Joe Musashi! This design celebrates the legend behind the man in the mask…

Yuria Forever

The names Battler, Thunderhead and Flare are synonymous with the hack and slash action of Golden Axe – casting spells, riding cockatrices and saving the world!

Axel Stone Dojo

There aren’t many people who can carry off shouting ‘GRAND UPPAH!’ while they perform some kickass fighting moves. Axel Stone can teach you the ways of the ultimate street warrior…

We actually need your help to decide the final colour of our Streets of Rage design – keep an eye on our Facebook channel for more info very soon!

Both designs are entering production right now and will be on sale early May – pre-orders will start soon so watch this space!


  1. Loving the collection guys. I always thought Axel said “bare knuckle”, which is the Japanese name for SOR.

      1. Ah well. It still looks great, and I’ll be getting both JSR shirts without a doubt. It’s about time someone gave that game the high quality merchandise it deserves.

  2. Oh gosh, i fucking love you guys <3

    I am french and i didn't know your website before, but with this hoodie Hazuki Tiger, i know that you might be awesome people 😀

    All these products are under official licence with SEGA, right ?

    When will they be available ?

    1. Many thanks for your kind words. These are indeed officially licenced products. They will hopefully be available early May. Hope that helps! 🙂

  3. another excellent selection of tees and hoodies and sega based too which makes me very happy cant wait to get my hands on them still waiting for a toejam and earl tee though lol

  4. Got to say congrats to the designs, very creative and stylish works. Just wanted to ask if the Shenmue hoodie will be zipped or not. Also, axel tee looks better with white & blue, stylish and catches attention better than the black version.

    1. Thanks to everyone for all the great comments, much appreciated. The Shenmue hoodie will be a zip through, much like our Sonic and Eggman versions. Please be sure to vote for the colour you’d like to see for Streets of Rage over on our Facebook page. Many thanks!

  5. I would say a Yellow/White Vest would work better for the Streets of Rage get up.

    I love these designs from you guys but I am hoping you add a Fantasy Zone and Valkyria one in the future (especially the latter as the five symbols on a T-Shirt would be incredible).

    Keep up the good work guys!

  6. Wow. Loving the Shenmue design – it could only ever have been based on the jacket, couldn’t it? 🙂 Nice JSR tees too.

    I’ll definitely be picking these up in May.

    Are we going to get Panzer Dragoon and Nights designs at some point too?

    1. Yeah we figured the Tiger on the reverse would be perfect and ties it in nicely with the JSR concept too. In terms of other licences with SEGA, we have nothing planned at this stage, but we take on board all suggestions as always. You never know, it could happen…

  7. Absolutely over the moon about these t-shirts, all games that I always wished had readily available licensed clothing. You’ve probably been asked 100 times already, but when in May are these going to become available? I cannot wait to get my hands on all of them! Awesome stuff.

    1. Unfortunately we can’t pin down an exact date just yet, but we’ll be sure to let you all know as soon as we know…

  8. I absolutely love your designs!
    Amazing, keeping the geek – chic! Nice work!
    I love the new designs!
    The streets of rage one should be darker, my fiancee thinks I look odd in white so I would need it in a darker colour
    Keep up the fantastic work!!!

  9. Hi, love the site! When can we expect to buy or pre order the Shenmue t-shirt and hoodie from your upcoming Sega range. Look forward to buying these and no doubt many other items in the near future!

    1. Thanks Robert! The ‘SEGA: Reloaded range’ is being produced as we speak. We need pre-production samples approved by SEGA first of all, so it is likely preorders will start late May or early June. Keep an eye on our blog and Twitter/Facebook feeds for the latest information. 🙂

      1. Thanks for the reply! I’m big Shenmue fan so these will be purchased! Looking forward already to showing them off! 😀

  10. Amazing! I’m so gonna buy at least 3-4 of these! Any news on when they’ll show up in the store? Can’t wait!
    Would be cool if you’d produce anything else from the Shenmue Games.. there’s quite a lot of cool stuff in there, after all : ]
    Big fan, and forever thankful for these : D

  11. I’d love to see a tee or hoodie based on Leon’s police uniform from Resident Evil 2, maybe even a limited edition leather jacket based on Leon’s jacket from Resi 4

  12. I was always so disappointed by how little recognition Jet Set Radio received so I can’t describe how happy I am to see your Beat and Gum designs!
    Will they be available for women, or will I have to buy them as birthday presents for my friends?!

    1. It’s such a great game and deserve more recognition. The Beat t-shirt is only available in the male style and Gum is only in the female one.

  13. Designs looks awesome. Especially want to take the Axel Stone design to my local MMA gym and wonder if people ask ‘Who do you train with?’ and then explain ‘Remember Streets of Rage?’ and watch their faces light up!