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Devil May Cry Range – First Glimpse

We are very proud to reveal the initial designs for our new official Devil May Cry range – celebrating the world’s most notorious demon hunter! These are our first set of concepts, which we hope will be available in the next couple of months…

Ebony & Ivory

If you’re going into battle with monsters, you want to turn up with the right tools for the job. Luckily, Dante has access to an unrivalled arsenal, packed with pointy, shooty things that help him kick seven shades out of the demon world. None are more iconic that Ebony & Ivory though, two awesome pistols, working together in perfect harmony…

Devil Never Cry

Looking for someone to help you with a demon problem? You know there’s only one person to call! Dante’s business might start out as ‘Devil May Cry’, but by the end of the first game, he definitely fancies a change and the newly relaunched ‘Devil Never Cry’ officially opens for business (motorbike drive-thru optional).

Both designs are entering production right now and will be on sale early May – pre-orders will start soon so watch this space!


  1. It is currently 2014 and I would greatly enjoy nothing more than to own a devil never cry hoodie, however it says that they are no longer in production. Is there any way, like any way at all to maybe get my hands on one of these? I love the design and no other plane sells a hoodie with a design as greatas that one.

    1. Hi Tyler! All designs are limited edition and once they’re gone that’s it – so we always recommend grabbing what you want asap. Our DmC range is currently disappearing forever too, but we may launch new Devil May Cry designs in the future. We recommend following us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news 🙂