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To be this good takes SEGA

We’re very excited to announce that, following on from our awesome Sonic the Hedgehog range, we will be working with our friends at SEGA again – on a new and exciting range!

We grew up with SEGA – they’re responsible for kickstarting our love of videogames and, as grown-up gamers, it makes us very proud to be working on designs that salute the games that shaped us.

Our new official ‘SEGA: Reloaded’ range will include designs for some of our all time favourite games, including Shenmue, Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage and Shinobi.

All of these games are very special to us and so it is fantastic to be able to honour them with some slick new tees and hoodies – and hopefully we’ll be able to show you what we have planned very soon!

Keep an eye out for more news on this upcoming range over the coming weeks – there will be plenty of updates and lots of designs to reveal too!


  1. Cool, wonder what the SoR designs will be.. Any plans for Saturn era games like NiGHTS or Panzer Dragoon?

    1. No plans at the moment, but you never know! If demand is there, we will certainly think about it. Watch this space…

      1. Question: would you be cool with scores of NiGHTS fans coming and expressing their desire to see Insert Coin NiGHTS stuff, because we could probably make that happen :3

        1. Probably best to email us or let us know via Facebook/Twitter as oppose to here, but we’ll certainly take all feedback on board.

          1. I’d certainly second the NiGHTS vote, but a great selection of inspiration for the range initially – thanks guys!

  2. I sure hope your T-shirt designs for SEGA are well thought out, carry very well in the humor, cleverness, and partial subtlety, and bring out the best in the world of SEGA. I’m getting very tired of seeing Sonic shirts that simply use his official art pasted on to a shirt with text sprinkled around with some occasional stock clip art in an attempt to add “style” to it. I work in the t-shirt business myself (New Era), so I tend to be picky when it comes to buying and wearing graphic tees, especially Sonic and the rest of the SEGA.

    1. No fear there. All our designs are always original – that’s what sets us apart from other tee companies 🙂