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We are very proud to announce we are working with the gorgeous people at Tecmo Koei on a new range of designs for the awesome Dead or Alive 5!

The tees and hoodies, which will be out in time for the game’s release in September, are based on the iconic style of the epic series and will allow DOA fans to get their geek on this autumn!

First up is ‘DOATEC’ – a celebration of the evil corporation that sets up these delicious tournaments of destruction as a cover for all their dastardly weapons testing and genetic experimentation. The retro starburst design takes in classic martial arts detail, as well as pure DOA perfection, making this tee ideal for the world’s greatest fighters… and gamers!

Our other DOA design is based on the wardrobe of one of the franchise’s most popular characters. ‘Hitomi College’ is a nod towards the deadly karate student’s uniform, taking in her German and Japanese parentage, as well as awesome baseball jacket styling. Simple and iconic, this hoodie let’s every gamer stand up and say ‘I AM A FIGHTER’.

Both official designs will be available in time for the game’s release in September, exclusively at Look out for more news – and the latest production shots – in the coming weeks!


  1. Ill wear the hell out of that Hitomi College hoodie 🙂 and would certainly rock the hell out of anything with Ryu or Hayate 🙂 what your doing here is great stuff!

  2. So effing cool! I need to get both! Any better idea when these are going live? There’s only 3 days left in September 🙂