By in General, Zone of the Enders


We love a bit of action at Insert Coin Towers and so we are very proud to announce that we are working with the wonderful folk at Konami on a brand new range, inspired by the non-stop flying robot romp Zone of the Enders. With three tees and an all new, full zip front hoodie, this awesome new range is set to launch in the coming weeks – check it out…

Jehuty tee
Our first design is inspired by the most famous orbital frame of them all – Jehuty! With slick styling inspired by sporting associations, we’ve used simple shapes and negative space to create a simple, iconic design to spearhead our ZOE range.

Anubis tee
For all light, there has to be dark too, and in the ZOE universe, darkness is brought by the fearsome Anubis. This design is based upon the stunning line drawings of this unique orbital frame.

Vic Viper tee
Few mechs are as recognisable as the legendary Vic Viper and our new tee incorporates lots of subtle nods to the original design, with buzzing energy lines as well as the LEV’s barcoding.

Jehuty hoodie
With a full zip front,which goes right up to the top of the hood, this new hoodie is inspired by Jehuty’s kinetic styling, with energy lines, stitched detailing and a full face mask in the original mech’s styling.

This is the first of several scheduled ranges we’re creating in collaboration with Konami (starting with Silent Hill, Contra and Castlevania – you can read more here) and we’re hoping to start preorders on this amazing new range very soon – keep ’em peeled for more news very soon!


        1. We’ve got ranges for all those titles incoming – we’re about to start shipping our Mega Man tee next week and you can preorder it now. The other designs sghould be up for preorder very soon – watch this space! 🙂

  1. Hi.

    When are the ZOE hoodies on sale? It’s been a couple of months now and still no hoodies =/

    1. Hi Simon! We’ve got loads of designs going through our factory at the moment – around 60 in fact! – but the ZOE range is on its way… watch this space!