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We’re hugely proud to announce that we are working with another huge name in gaming – the mighty Konami!

For the last year we have been in discussions about various exciting projects with the lovely folks at Konami HQ and we are very proud to reveal that this partnership will launch with four ranges in the coming months, inspired by Zone of the Enders, Contra, Castlevania and Silent Hill.

We have been huge fans of Konami’s incredible franchises for many years and so it is a huge honour to work on new projects for such iconic games.

It all kicks off with our new ZOE range, with designs for Castlevania, Contra and Silent Hill to follow on as soon as possible. You can see the ZOE range right now on our latest blog post.

We’re extremely excited about this partnership and we can’t wait to reveal more new ranges and designs in the coming weeks. As soon as we something solid to tell you, we’ll let you know!


  1. Please ask Konami if they are willing to make some Metal Gear Solid/Rising clothing 😀

    1. Neither can we! ZOE should start with preorders soon and then he rest of the designs will come in asap after 🙂

  2. OH MAN!!!
    Cant wait to see the Silent Hill Collection.
    BTW I would KILL for SH Leggings ^_________^

  3. What about now? Now how much longer? lol…

    Since these take so long to get into production, I really hope Castlevania is next…. >.<

    1. They should all be in production soon – and preorders will be up in a few weeks… we’re hitting our stride now 🙂