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We are very proud to reveal that those wonderful boys at Explosive Alan Productions have been busily developing new videos for us – including our new ad!

The guys created us a special 5-second sting for our MCV Awards appearance, as well as a longer 30-second version – both of which feature the lovely Dan Maher falling out of his clothes with alarming (and awesome) regularity.

You can find both videos on our YouTube channel…
5-second sting
30-second vid

In addition, we’ll also be launching a series of vids by Explosive Alan over the coming months that focus on some of our designs, the games that inspired them and how we transition concepts from pixels to print. We’ll also be adding lots of other vids too – from the latest game trailers, to updates and larks from around Insert Coin Towers – so keep an eye on our channel in the coming weeks!

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out all things ‘Explosive Alan’ over on their website right now… it’s all kinds of awesome!