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We’re very proud to announce we’re teaming up with SEGA for a brand new range of awesomeness!

With previous designs that include Sonic the Hedgehog, Shenmue and Streets of Rage amongst others, it’s maybe no surprise that we are huge fans of SEGA… and our new range celebrates this to the max with new designs inspired by the FULL Sonic the Hedgehog back catalogue AND SEGA All Star Racing Transformed.

Our new designs will take in loads of characters from the game – including lots of Sonic favourites, Jet Set Radio and Space Channel 5 too! And, as well as t-shirts and hoodies, we’re also going to be adding more to our new range for girl gamers, with leggings inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog also incoming, as well as a very special vest top.

We’re still working on the final look and feel for this range, but watch this space for the big design reveals in the coming week… bring it on!


  1. Awesome news! Sonic, JSR, and SPACE CHANNEL 5. You really want my money, don’t you?

  2. It’s random to see people askin’ for Skies, but… I third that. Skies of Arcadia merch would be an instant buy

    1. Sadly Skies of Arcadia was on our to do list, but it’s a legal and licensing minefield – but as always, we’ll keep on trying 🙂

  3. Anything Sega related will be an instant buy for me. I own all the shirts and bags so far :)! Would love to see something NiGHTS themed!

  4. With SEGA all star racing transformed themed merchandise on the way hope to see wreck it Ralph