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We’re huge fans of all things ‘USA’ at Insert Coin Towers – and one of our favourite places stateside is the eponymous town at the heart of the Silent Hill franchise. Perpetually shrouded in mist and rain – and with an unrivalled sideline in creepy shenanigans – it’s the perfect place for some seriously scary gaming action. That’s why we’re extremely proud to be working with our friends at Konami on a new range of apparel, inspired by the world of Silent Hill 2…

Sunderland jacket
Alright James Sunderland might’ve had a few demons to fight – both literal and actual – but at least he did it in style. Our new Sunderland jacket is inspired by his original, complete with stitched detailing and four pockets, perfect for spare torch batteries…

Silent Hill Radio Repairs tee
HEY! WHAT’S UP WITH THAT AMAZING T-SHIRT?! You’d think with all those local atmospherics that someone would be looking into repairing Silent Hill’s radios – well, here they are… uh oh, what’s all that static?!

Lakeview Hotel tee
With beautiful scenery all around, Silent Hill is definitely a great place for a mini-break. We just wouldn’t recommend staying in the Lakeview Hotel… you never know what you might find! This design celebrates a holiday destination that really is to die for…

Silent Hill Historical Society tee
This is an additional design that we might include in the future – what do you think? Shall we include it in the launch line-up? With a super-subtle nod to Pyramid Head and celebrating the 20th anniversary from when the game itself was set, this is a design for every visitor who lived to tell the tale…

Our new Silent Hill inspired range is set to launch in the coming weeks – keep an eye out for more information very soon!


  1. I can’t even begin to say how freaking awesome an actual consumer version of James Sunderland’s jacket would be. That’s an automatic purchase for me, and I would wear it every single day, even in the middle of summer. “Aren’t you hot?” “Why, yes. But I’m James Sunderland, so who cares?”

  2. DEFINITELY getting the jacket! Been trying to make my own using patch designs from cosplay sites, but can’t find an affordable shop to make them! Please keep it up and consider more games in the future like Homecoming, Silent Hill 3, and the rest! :’D

  3. Ahh I can’t wait for these >.< this is awesome! I just got into Silent Hill a few months a go so this is a nice surprise!

    1. Hi Admir! We may include some Robbie designs in the future, but this first range is specifically inspired by Silent Hill 2 πŸ™‚

  4. I was looking for the jacket on the website, but it isn’t on here. That’s a shame, I was really interested in pre-ordering it. Is the jacket not yet available to pre-order currently?

  5. Hello! I really appreciate everyone working on this, and I’m really interested in the James Sunderland jacket. Is it cancelled, or are you all still working on it? Are we likely to get a picture or order options before the end of the month?

    1. Hi Koty! The full Silent Hill range is still incoming – as you probably appreciate, the jacket in particular is quite complicated and it takes a while to make a prototype and start production. In terms of the next stages, we will undertake a photoshoot once we’re happy with the product and then open preorders on the website. We expect this to happen in about 3-4 weeks πŸ™‚

  6. Hello! Really interested in the James Sunderland jacket and will certainly be purchasing it as soon as it is available, any update on when pre-orders will be taken or even an estimated price range?

    1. Should be up in the next couple of weeks and the as for price, it’s still TBC, but it would be slightly more than the Hotline Miami jacket πŸ™‚

  7. You have to let me know when Sunderland’s jacket is available. There are “Wants” and “Needs” in life, depending on if you need it to survive or just want something that appeals to you, and Jame’s Jacket is by far a “Need” heh. As for the other Silent Hill, and possibly the Castlevania Belmont T-Shirt. would it be too late to get one of those if I felt the need to get one till the jacket comes out?

    1. Hi Jesse! The Sunderland should be landing very soon, we’re just finalising the production models now and we’re hoping to get preorders up in the next couple of weeks. The tees are selling out fast, so we’d always recommend picking them up as soon as you can to avoid disappointment πŸ™‚

      1. I just preordered one of the awesome Silent Hill 2- Lakeview Hotel shirts. Now all I need is James’ Jacket to go with it. The shirt looks great so I cant wait to see how the Jacket turns out. I don’t have a Twitter or Facebook so I was wondering if you would be able to post a link here for the preordering of James’ Jacket or email when it’s ready so I don’t miss out on it.

        1. We always post up announcements in our blog too, but e highly recommending hitting our social media streams – you get treats, comps and the first info… plus it’s free πŸ™‚

        1. As mentioned above, there’s no price at present – but it’s likely to be between our two current jackets.

  8. I received the Lakeview Hotel t-shirt and just had to comment on how outstanding the quality of the shirt is, from the material, to the stitching, to the logo. Can’t wait for the James Sunderlands jacket, even moreso after receiving that Lakeview Hotel shirt. It’s going to be amazing. Anyone still on the fence about ordering anything, I’d recommend just ordering. You don’t want to miss out on some wicked game appearal, and you cant beat the quality. It’s a win-win so it’s a no brainer. I’m getting that Sunderland jacket for sure heh

      1. I hope you guys don’t mind me posting pics of your silent hill gear and links to them on the Silent Hill wiki under a blog a wrote about getting ’em before their gone, as impressed as I am, I can’t help but try to draw attention to your amazing work. Hopefully you’ll still have some of the Historical Society t-shirts available when the James jacket is released cause I figured I’d pick the two up together. Did the Silent Hill Radio Repairs t-shirt ever make it to the final stages? Or was that one scrapped?

        1. Yup, the Sunderland jacket and Silent Hill Radio Repairs tee will be ready for preorder in a week or so – and thanks for spreading the word πŸ™‚

  9. the jacket looks amazing any official time of release yet πŸ™‚ ? id love to get one before christmas and any official price?

    1. Aw thanks – we’re hoping to launch the jacket in the next week… watch this space for details πŸ˜€

  10. Of course I couldn’t get to the computer in time…Sunderland’s per-order’s only in XL (sigh)

    I’ve been checking on this for MONTHS (except yesterday), did the whole ‘notify me when other sizes available again’ thing…is there any chance at all at a medium or large, I can’t believe XL is the only one left, super mad at myself right now…

    Can you PRETTY PLEASE email me when one of either size is possible (really hoping its not an extremely limited run) Don’t you want my money that I want to very willingly hand over to you for such a wonderful jacket?

    Yours, Whiny guy obsessed with Silent Hill

    1. Hi Colin! Sorry you missed out – the Sunderland only went up yesterday, but if you’ve hit the respawn button to be notified when they’re back in stock, you’ve definitely done the right thing! There will be another limited production run early next year and we’re expecting preorders to start just before Christmas, so you should have time to grab your place in the preorder allocation!

      Hope that helps πŸ˜€

    2. Same here. I’m kind of bummed about it since I too have been checking back every day for months. the one day I don’t check because I was swamped with Final Exam week, they go up and sell out. Hopefully I get to it in time next time.
      I also got a hold of the radio repair and historical society t-shirt.

  11. Just placed my (pre)order for the Sunderland, thanks for the notification…I lucked out and bought a large immediately (I told you I’ve been diligent!)

    Now the question becomes: do I wear it sparingly OR do I preserve this forever in carbonite?…definately going to dry clean only if the former

    First time customer, my spidey-sense tells me this will be the start of a beautiful relationship

    Many thanks from the U.S., can’t wait!

    Yours, a lil’ less whiny guy obsessed with Silent Hill