By in General, PlayStation


We are very proud to announce that we are teaming up with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) to develop a huge line-up of exclusive clothing and accessories inspired by PlayStation games and consoles – from those early days of the PS1, right through to the latest releases and beyond.

This new partnership will give gamers an even better opportunity to represent their passion for pixels. The ranges will launch with several exclusive items, drawing on the rich worlds of some of PlayStations’s most recognisable characters – including PaRappa the Rapper, Kratos, Sackboy, and Joel and Ellie.

All the ranges will be revealed over the coming weeks – keep a close eye on for all the details.


  1. Would love to see Spyro get the Insert Coin treatment. Absolutely loved those games growing up

  2. Can you do something on inFAMOUS please? Maybe the new one coming out on PS4 or the ones already out.

  3. I look forward to this. Hopefully you’ll be doing some basic stuff with just the PS logo and/or symbols as well, and not just things related to game franchises.

    Definitely want to see some Uncharted stuff, The Last Of Us, and Killzone. In fact, there were some nice virtual Killzone T-shirts in PlayStation Home a while back… if you could reproduce those in the real world…

    1. We never do just basic logo stuff – not our style. But, we do have a lot of cool stuff planned, inspired by the games and consoles we all love 🙂

  4. Can you make shirts of the following…
    -Metal Gear Solid
    -Crash Bandicoot (If you own him…)
    -Kingdom Hearts (If you have a right to…)
    -Sly Cooper

    1. Hi Ethan! We already make ones for DmC (and the original Devil May Cry too!), but many of the others are with different publishers. But you never know, we are always adding new lines 🙂